It's Crime that Causes Poverty

  • I was listening to a podcast by Collin Flaherty recently. He had a guest named Marlon who was a prison Psychiatrist. Unfortunately Marlon passed away.

    However, he said something very interesting. He said Poverty doesn't cause crime but instead it's Crime that causes poverty. That clicked instantly. It makes perfect sense. There have been many businesses that have closed or moved to greener pastures do to crime. As one guy told me in my youth, you have people that just take. Then they ask why are there food deserts.

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  • I don't agree with the premise. The cause and effect aren't even remotely the two factors. If either poverty causing crime or crime causing poverty would be an epidemic that knows no boundaries. Crime moves with poverty. It is always a side effect. Crime causes depression in areas. I watched this happen in NE Portland back when they built 2 5000 person tenements bringing 10,000 unemployed people into the area. Crime statistics skyrocketed. Home values stagnated. Everyone started to move out. It did not recover until property values in the surrounding areas drove gentrification of the area. Poverty and crime go hand-in-hand, but they are not the main factors that drive each other.