63 cases in the US.

  • Uh... Bj.... the housepainter will bust out his graph of deaths in the United States. Along with a lecture about how stupid we are for believing one source and how smart he is for fawning over another.


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  • Uh... Bj.... the housepainter will bust out his graph of deaths in the United States. Along with a lecture about how stupid we are for believing one source and how smart he is for fawning over another.


    it has a graph too!


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  • I said that we'll know the real death toll only when we see the total deaths for the year in relation to total deaths for the years before and after. There must be consequences for fraud of this magnitude.

  • 2 or 3 years from now when the hoax becomes obvious to even the most dense Democrite we'll be hearing "what difference does it make now" from all those who supported the hoax.

  • Your graph does not count because it does not agree with his.


    To be fair though. That graph doesn't agree with anything.

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  • Not really. There were earlier predictions. I just grabbed those at random.

    This one for example, is dated in March and predicts several cycles. And none of the predictions cycles would be surprising because its not atypical for pandemics to run in cycles (AKA "waves")

    "Also, we are likely to see a rebound in cases once social distancing measures are lifted. Therefore, we may get into a cycle of periodic social distancing measures until it is possible to develop and mass-produce a vaccine, which experts say will take 12-18 months, or we can find effective ways to treat COVID-19."


    "Federal and state officials say that large pandemics usually happen in three waves. Can you please explain what that means and how those waves happen?

    V.P. The occurrence of pandemics in multiple waves [not necessarily three] pertains specifically to our experience with influenza pandemics."


  • https://pjmedia.com/news-and-p…fter-publication-n1178930

    Johns Hopkins Study Saying COVID-19 Has 'Relatively No Effect on Deaths' in U.S. Deleted After Publication

    etc etc etc.....

    Largely a Propagandist site

    IF that article actually was up and then taken down. It was likely taken down because there was something wrong with it..Like misinformation.

    The article doesnt account for the number of excess deaths that is well above and beyond the norm for even a severe flu season. which again. Unless we are to believe the rapture prophesied in the Bible is taking place. These people are dying at an unusually high number from something and the differences are too great to dismiss to all or even most due to other reasons, such as fear of going to the hospital and suicides. The latter being something that is generally speaking, fairly well documented.

    We have (nationally) in essence entered flu season last January, which was shaping up to be a fairly average flu season mortality wise, exceeded it, and have this far never left.

    As I have pointed out in the past. We have reached the point where we can pretty much best guess how many deaths we will have in a normal year and at different times if the year taking into account winter flu seasons which show a typical rise. The yellow line indicates what they think should be a worst case scenario based on past years. the blue bars represent the actual deaths which typically come in under that. Anything above the yellow line are higher than worst case scenario expected deaths or "excess deaths"

    So you see the publication. Doesnt jive withe the actual deaths even when you take into account old people. Many many more people are dying than normal and at times when not as many people typically die.

    Like I said at the beginning. The only relevant number is total deaths vs. previous years.

    See above graph