The Infinite Plane Universe/Flat Earth

  • And, that tarpaper shack transformed into a mini-rocket ship and zoomed up to the mother ship with 2 astro-nots on board.



    woo hoo

    sad that we lost that great technology. ;(

    fast forward to today,


    the final sci-fi frontier,

    the ISS

    International fake space station,


  • Ok, not 5 hours. 24 hrs of watching the pressure reduction to 3/4 of an atmosphere and then the walker gets in a suit and in the airlock and breathes pure Oxy for at least and even more suspenseful pressure reduction an hour before opening the door.

    This hour of siting in an airlock doing nothing is just riveting entertainment value.

  • Boring, yes. But we would like to see a sped-up process of an astro-not suiting up and stepping out into Space, The Final Frontier. Also Fake. Also Fraud. Also Phoney.

    New content now.

    Let's consider the spinning ball theory, which freemasons trot out to explain the Atom theory and the Solar System.

    These silly theories would have us believe that electrons and planets orbit around a central nucleus or sun, like bugs flying around a night light. As if that ridonkeyless model were not idiotic enough, they went even further out on the nut tree limb. With quantum mechanics, they must have laughed their asses off when people took seriously even thus more horse malarkey: bent space-time, quarks, gluons, dark matter, mountains of bs that would make a champion bull blush.


    To hide the aether, or ether, which is the "solid" mass of electrons that constitute matter, radiation, plasma, intelligence, and Everything Else.

    By electrons, I do not mean the theoretical electron shell, which boggled my mind in high school physics and soured me on chemistry.

    Because it made no sense, especially with empty space between the negative particles and the positive ones. empty . space ? What ?!?

    The Electric Universe, on the other right hand, presents a simple and sensible blueprint: the matrix of positive and negative particles in endless arrays. No blankety-blank empty spaces ! !

    Back before science went to the dark side, a few real scientists conducted experiments to prove a new idea.......



    By developing an interferometer that could split a beam of light and send it in different directions (e.g. with the alleged spin of the earth and perpendicular to the spin), Michelson and Morley were able to determine the stationary nature of the earth.

    uh oh.

    The actual scientific experiment proved that our world is motionless. Stationary. Not moving in some insane vastness of #space#.

    Soooo, boy and girls, modern science really is Star Trek is really sci-fi all over the place.

    As a former Trekkie fangirl, I feel foolish for ever believing that rockets and spaceships could fly in a vacuum called outer space. In warp drive, oogally moogally.

    Einstein did his job well. He had us believing in a fairy tale land, spinning 1000 mph and twerking around a burning ball at 66,600 mph.

  • Why?

    That’s really the essence of the question Grav.

    Why mariners around the world have used the sextant and a timepiece to figure out where they are on a globe Why science for several millennia have shown that the earth is a globe?

    All so Lockheed can make profits making satellites? And so Elon musk can make money shooting off rockets?

    How did Eratosthenes know 2200 years ago that if he just proved the world was round and convinced other people, that people two millennia later could make profits off the government largesse?

  • Why?

    to keep us believing we can't escape from our prison.

    Freedom is outside the Antarctic rim. No way you're allowed to trespass beyond the Antarctic Treaty boundaries. Retreat or get shot. The UN has ships that protect the penguins and ice.

    Tough tacos, puny humans.

    Stay put on your spinning ball in a vacuum.

    When we tell you to jump, ask how high.

    When we say fight, lay down your life for God and country.

    Buy buy buy

    Vote early and vote often.

    Take your shots and eat genetically-modified food.

    Cut your grass and drink your fluoride.

    Work with us. FBI. Nasa. IRS. CDC. Government jobs pay plenty plenty, IF if you abandon your ethics.

    You WILLTrust Authority.

    If Big Brother and his minions say you can triangulate distance with a horizon line that curves down, then it's mos def true that your world turns, just like the soap operas say.


  • No way you're allowed to trespass beyond the Antarctic Treaty boundaries

    Unless you book a tour

    Join the small handful of adventurers to have checked off the mythical South Pole. Traversing Antarctica in hours by plane with magnificent views, you'll spend 4 whole days camping at the heart of the Antarctic continent.

    6-7 Days


  • 6849173_f520.jpg

    So, in Salem Oregon, if you measure the angle between the horizon and Polaris, it is 45 degrees.

    If you do the same in the Galapagos Islands, if you can see it, Polaris is on the horizon.

    Anything south of the Galapagos, there is no visible Polaris. it's always below the horizon and you have to look for the Southern Cross.

    This is not explained on your flat plane. It is, rather easily, explained on a sphere.

  • So let me get this right. In order to provide evidence of aether, or ether or whatever you choose to call it, you sight the very often repeated experiment that absolutely disproves that light travels by way of a physical medium, namely aether, or ether, or whatever ? You argue like an insane person.

    "The members of Congress know, from their colleagues in Congress, that, uh, you know, the, looks like a tornado, they don't call them that anymore, that hit the crops and wetlands in the middle of the country, in Iowa and Nevada. It's just across the board,"

  • ^

    deflection, misdirection, misguided mangling of verbiage. whatev'

    No one could be that stupid; by the process of elimination we must conclude that these posters are paid posers. aka Nasa shills.

    Well, duh.

    1. Antarctica has a couple of tourist destinations. duh. 99.9 % of its area is off-limits to independent exploration. Men with guns and boats will escort any trespassers to the local constabulary. Or else they are never seen again.

    2. Measure the angle, seriously?


    On a curving x-axis?

    Did Euclid factor in the drop when he invented geometry?

    3. If light travels in space vacuum, as globers claim, then why are you claiming it needs a physical medium?

    The aether is di-electricity. Period.



    electro-matrix fabric of existence


    manifested as matter, radiation, plasma, intelligence, whatever else there is

  • Good morning, space cadets. At ease.

    Feel free to ignore science. As usual.

    I subscribe to The Energy Times Newsletter -

    In their latest edition, the Electric Universe researchers take the flat earth battery and beat it down to conform with the globe thingamajig.

    The "ionosphere" is [cough cough] a layer of ionized gases in the atmosphere. Also called plasma.

    Yeah, sure, like radio signals bounce off electrified particles of hydrogen and helium, which, btw, also form the matter of the sun.

    I take these guys seriously, though they kowtow to mainstream solar system bs.

    Well, they're stuck between their desire to study physics and their understanding of the 4 p's: keeping a paycheck, pension, prestige, and pushing up daisies. or the lack thereof.


    In this presentation, Bruce Leybourne and David Johnson co-present the interplay between Field Aligned Currents in the ionosphere and Induction Currents charging Earth’s core. They show that climate change is driven by a transformer effect between plasma ring currents coupled to solar winds, which induce telluric currents in upper mantle structures grounded to the core. This transformer effect is strongest at the south-pole where the polar plasma jet is more strongly coupled to an upper mantle ridge structure encircling Antarctica.

    This effect exerts climate control over the planet via aligned tectonic vortex structures along the Western Pacific rim, electrically connected to the core. This is consistent with the “Earth Endogenous Energy” theory (Gregori, 2002 – Earth as a rechargeable battery/capacitor). Intense solar outbursts result in intense plasma impinging upon Earth, creating a modulating effect to atmospheric pressure, global Jet Stream patterns, global warming and cooling cycles. These changes are directly linked to charging and discharging phases of the Earth and result in fluctuations of Earth’s magnetic field cycles in rhythm with the climate.

    The head knocker of this group is Eric Dollard, who, you will remember, said years ago that the sun had 3 secrets -- it is hollow, is a transformer of energy from another dimension, and is dying (in a recurring 22-year cycle).

    He also describes the light as visible only when it hits gross matter in the earth's envelope, which we call the dome.

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  • Yeah, keep babbling idiocy.

    All the known planets are round, all the galaxies are round yet the "Earth" is flat.

    Carry on.

    No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot - Mark Twain

    TWAT on 10/14/2019 :

    Lemme say that again... I don't care. If. The accusations against Trump. Are factual. Or not.

  • Good morning, space cadets. At ease.

    Feel free to ignore science. As usual.

    feel free to ignore my requests for you to explain how the gas laws work with altitude variation, when none of the gas laws have a term where altitude is a factor.

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