My crap DCS Thread

  • A new third party making an Italian trainer. I don't get the appeal for trainers in DCS unless you have actually flown the plane and want a little nostalgia. In real life trainers are about easier learning, saving money and leaving the front line aircraft available for war. With no real risk or cost to using any plane in DCS why bother with a trainer?

  • Looks a lot like the T-38. So does the F-5 which I did buy. On sale of course.

    After a closer comparison between the MB-339A and the T-38, resemblance not so much.

  • I think sale prices like those below are long gone. That's a good thing I think. The company was headed to oblivion but they turned it around.

  • You see can see a duplicate in the screenshots above. I bought duplicates of others too when the prices were real low. Intending to give them to family. These were all bought on one account. When they changed to the account model for licensing in which a license was tied to the account under which it was purchased I potentially lost several licenses. I contacted ED and asked if I could transfer some of the licenses to other accounts. They graciously accommodated me.

  • They've done the same for me several times, I have 3 accounts set up for 3 different desktop PCs, and have bought extra modules when the old super sales were a thing too. Sometimes I accidentally bought a module too many (4 instead of 3) as well. When I asked ED to transfer these to friends, both times now they've been very happy to do so - costs them nothing balanced against the high chances of getting a new customer and player into the fold.

    I also don't get the whole "trainer" thing either. I have every module, most campaigns, all the terrains, etc, with the exceptions being the trainers and civilian stunt plane. I bought the Hawk trainer though, the air base 2 miles from one of our farms has a load of them, and figured if I was going to buy any trainer module, it'd be that one for this reason. The Hawk turned into a bit of a debacle for ED. Like Gscholz said, I could see them maybe being implemented in some sort of campaign or scripted missions based on a poor country or once most primary air assets have been exhausted. I liked the idea of the Hawk as well for the 2 seat component at the time, but never did get into that, at all really.

    There are SO many combat capable modules, and many, many more coming, that the time that needs to be invested to learn a new one, for me, isn't well spent on trainers. Some guys spend dozens of hours weekly on YT/Twitch flying all kinds of goofy stuff though, so to each their own.

  • I have the A-10C on two of my DCS accounts and a third on my Steam Account. I want to move the Steam license to a third DCS account so I can get three A-10C II DCS licenses for $9.99 each. Anyone ever move a Steam account to DCS?

  • Had forgotten I had that license. Got it transferred. If you already have an A-10C license you can buy the A-10C II license for $9.99 for the first month, $19.99 after that. Guess it will be full price if you do not have the A-10C license.

  • The A-10C II is avaialble for purchase now. Their site is overwhelmed with people trying to buy it so you might want to wait a while.

  • Got mine!


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  • I got two but the third for the one I just transferred from Steam shows the full price. Maybe the transfer isn't eligible. I opened a ticket. We shall see.