My crap DCS Thread

  • Next generation of Nvidia cards due out soon. Either they will be priced stratospherically or the current gen will drop in price. No way to predict but watch close as prices can be very dynamic.

  • I have a GTX960 and it runs it no problem

    You can identify an unknown force by firing one shot and judging the response.

    - If the unknowns respond with precise, regimented rifle fire, they are British.

    - If they respond with heavy machinegun fire, they are German.

    - If nothing happens for a few minutes, then your whole position gets leveled by artillery, they are American.

    - If they surrender, they're French.


  • VR creates a whole 'nother experience. I have the original consumer release of the rift and the res just isn't quite good enough for my old eyes. I hear the rift s is good enough.

  • My factory OC 1080 Ti will do until the 3000 series comes out. Hopefully this fall. I always skip one generation. Not worth it. My last gaming rig GPU was a factory OC 780 Ti. Skipped the 900s.

    “The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see.” -- Ayn Rand

  • From what I've read the only thing really announced so far about the next series is that they will be much faster in ray trace rendering.

  • I'm hoping the series will blow the 2000 series outta the water. Mostly so the prices will drop and I can buy one. I just can't bring my self to pay much more than 500 bucks for a video card.

  • Just (today actually) upgraded my Ryzen 1800X to a 3950X. That's the end of life upgrade on this motherboard. GPU is next, then a complete new build. Next few days will be invested in OC'ing this 16-core beastie...

    “The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see.” -- Ayn Rand

  • I was really surprised how much of a difference upgrading from an i7 6700 to an i7 9700 made in DCS. Almost doubled my frame rate. I replaced the cpu, motherboard, and memory so faster memory likely contributed some.

  • I'm usually in a constant cycle of upgrading, always get the newest/best gaming CPU and whatever new nVidia ti card that comes along. I do think that I might skip the 10900k and wait for the next 10nm coming from Intel, as someone I know has tested DCS on the 10900k and found like 1 to 4 FPS difference in VR with the 2080ti compared to the 9900k which I'm running a few of now. Just doesn't seem worth the PITA of Win10/everything reinstall on my C drives for such little CPU gain, plus it's going to be out of date pretty fast when they go to the larger socket with 1700 and the Alder lake series. This will be a first since I can't remember, skipping a generation of CPU/MB/Socket. I'll for sure be selling off the 2080tis when the 3080ti comes out though.

  • If anyone has any ideas for a server I'm all ears. There are so many planes in such depth that most of us might enjoy training sessions led by someone who knows only a little more than we do. I'm glad to host a server and lead or follow whatever kind of session anyone might want.

    A session might cover startup, SRS communications, taxi and takeoff. Another, navigation. Another formation flying. Another air to air weapons deployment....

    It can be pretty tricky to get people with different experience levels all on the same page in a session but what the heck.

  • I'd like to spend more time with the F-16, getting familiar with all of the systems. Flying around shooting missiles is the easy part. Using the plane effectively in coordination with others takes more effort. There are many good videos on all aspects of this plane but nothing beats interacting with others in a training environment. I'm going to spend some time on this.