My crap DCS Thread

  • Overall the MIrage is in the top 3 or 4 turn fighters in DCS IMO. All the planes do different things in different E states, speeds, AOA, etc etc. Remember you're fighting AI as well - I'll link (or do a search) for the Folds of Honor tournament this year and last, and there are a lot of Mirage vs F14 fights where the F14 pilot easily manhandles the Mirage IIRC, and a few the other way as well.

    The 30mm w/Mirage has a much poorer trajectory than the 20mm in DCS, you have to lead a lot more with the Mirage than every other plane except the JF17 I think.

    Lots of the best pvp DCS players flew in last year's and this year's Folds of Honor tournament. Lots of great F14 vs Mirage duels, go to 10:00 or so and see where the F14 beats the Mirage once they end up on the deck - the F14's turn rate and radius are insane at certain airspeeds, both IRL and in DCS - it'll easily out turn the F15 down low, give the F16 a run for its money, especially under 400kts, as well as everything else under certain conditions.

  • The AI in DCS will not beat an experienced DCS pilot consistently so long as the AI isn't allowed to cheat. Not that an AI in general can't, just that the coders at DCS don't have enough expertise and the computing power at this level isn't sufficient. When the F-86 first came out I had no trouble beating the Mig-15. Then it seemed like someone threw a switch and the Mig-15 could sustain a climb that was not believable. I haven't gone back to that since.

  • Just set up a fight with an F-86 vs a Mig-15. The Mig did not zoom like superman and turned hard with me for a while. I lost sight of him and them found him flying straight and level, even as I shot at him. Bugged I guess. I have the video if anyone wants to see it.

  • The AI in DCS does seem pretty versatile though and ED is working to make it more like a real person. Anyone who has spent time in online flight combat sims knows every fight is different and while you might have a strategy going in there are seemingly infinite ways the fight may play out. A good AI with the processing resources will learn from each encounter like a human will. Maybe better. Some humans, like me, are slow to learn what doesn't work, or maybe just stubborn.

  • Details of the sale for those too lazy to go look.

    We are pleased to announce our spooky Halloween Sale. Our EShop sale starts today at 08:00 PST

    and will run until the 8th of November with most of our products seeing up to 50% discount.

    On Steam, the Halloween Sale will start on the 29th of October at 10:00 PST and end on the 2nd of November.

    Modules with a 30% discount

    • P-47D Thunderbolt
    • The Channel
    • F/A-18C Hornet
    • F-16C Viper


    • The F-14A/B Tomcat will have a 15% discount
    • The JF-17 Thunder will be only $64.99

    Modules that do not participate in the Halloween Sale

    • A-10C II Tank Killer
    • Supercarrier
    • Syria
    • Mi-8MTV2 Crew Part 1 Campaign
    • F/A-18C Raven One Сampaign

    We hope this will give you an opportunity to grab some hot deals and add some serious fighters

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  • I might add either the F-18 or F-16 to one of my other accounts. Would like to add the Tomcat but too expensive for something I might never use.

  • Tomcat is easily the module that has had the most time put into its creation, and it really shows. The rear seat radar/etc controls and effects in game truly astonish me sometimes. That said, it is a very complicated module to truly learn, and the F14 is a quirky bird to learn to fight BFM/ACM with, big time. It is very rewarding though once you begin to get things down. I have the F14 stick from Virpil and the one from VKB on the way now too. I love using the F14 stick with this module, I have everything set to how it works in real life.

    I understand why you wouldn't get it Iron though for the cost/use're still missing out on something very special IMO. Maybe you'll get it as an Xmas present from an anonymous donor.

  • I have the Tomcat on my primary account and have used it extensively. I think it rivals the A-10C II for the best done module. Just looking to beef up my other accounts though they are rarely used.

  • I figured it would easy to master the boom air refueling used by the USAF since I'd heard it was easier than the basket. Proved more challenging that I expected but I've gotten the hang of it. I'm gonna focus on becoming intimate with three aircraft, F-14, F-16, and the F-18. Rather than work all the way from startup, navigation, air refueling, air to air, air to ground, and landing under all conditions on each fully before moving on the the next I think I work on each section I mentioned on each aircraft then advance to the next.

  • Ah, right, nvm, my bad - you're talking about it for your 2nd account (duh me). I have it for all 3 of our accounts to avoid squabbles when the kidlet-units all want to fly USN stuff together, haha.

    Once I get my new AIO pump installed I'm going to be g2go, we should get some online flying in together, all of us here on FW in DCS, sometime this weekend or next week.

  • We are all amateurs... even you Gman.

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  • Ya I saw that video the day it came out, have to bend the knee to that guy, big time. I'm not into the home cockpit stuff right now, but with the new USB control panel/various cockpit panels/etc coming out from companies like RealSimWorld and TekCreations (I and Gscholz IIRC have posted pics/links before), it's mighty tempting to have both my VR setups and a non VR home cockpit.

    Heh, when I was very young, single digits still, my uncle who was a pilot built a cardboard box "simulator" for me, had the first Commodore PET computer which the cardboard stuff was built around (I played Space Invaders mostly). My uncle had the first Commodore store in Western Canada back then. We had maps, flight routes, all kinds of stuff drawn inside the cardboard-box cockpit/plane.

    Home cockpits...pretty nostalgic for me...I've thought about it many times, building something top shelf, but there is SO many options out there, and with VR, it's getting to be a bit...I don't know, pointless, but that said I don't want to miss out on buying and using so many of the fantastic USB up front control panels/etc that are out there for non-VR players.

    But ya...this guy's setup is absolutely the beats.