My crap DCS Thread

  • I'm assuming you know the Tomcat has only one TACAN radio, single channel. The outer and inner are for tuning 10's and 1's. I don't bother with it. I ask Jester to tune the TACAN. Lemme look.

  • Many military airfields have a TACAN near the runway(s) but they are not on the runway. You need to know where they are on the field relative to the active runway to plan your approach. Of course on a carrier they are closer to the runway than a land based runway.

  • I found it just before the ribs got done.

    I'm trying to learn all the little things, like, tuning my TACAN, I could make Jester my bitch and I'm sure I will at some point but for now I'm trying to figure out all the little things.

    You can't really see the outer tuning "wheel" but it's there, on the outer right. Move your mouse 'till you get the green arrows.

    I tried moving my mouse around before but I didn't do it around the edge where I needed to.

    When I finally get around to making kneeboard checklists for various planes I'll be sure to share them with you. :)

  • I like to tinker and so I set up Helios with Capt Zeen's profiles. They are generally great. There are a couple of issues with the F-14 Helios profile though. Not necessarily a deal breaker. If you have or add another monitor you want to try it out. However, once you spend many hours in the Tomcat, contributing to it's well worn look, you really don't need that level of constant view detail. As a novelty, it's worth the look.

  • Going VR eventually. Once you are very familiar with a plane you don't need to see in great detail for most things. However, you need to be able to spot planes at a distance and be able to see it's relative orientation. Same with radar, seeing detail becomes important. The Rift S is pretty good so I hear and about 400 bucks. Who knows what the next year will bring though.

  • Iron, I've messaged a lot on YT with the guy testing the new HP/Valve/Microsoft Reverb "G2". I've had every consumer VR unit since the first Rift, and am currently only using the Reverb Gen 1, as it's been the best so far as resolution/performance goes in DCS. Rift S WAS a great bargain, but with the price of the new G2 only been 1 or 200$ more at most than the Rift S, it's going to be the best bang/$ out there. The G2 is better than the current Reverb by quite a lot in many factors, check out some of the YT vids regarding it, and it's going to be out in just a matter of a month or two they're saying. You can pre order it too if you're in the USA right now. Better resolution, fit, speakers, etc than the current Reverb, and like I said, the current Reverb is excellent. Don't get me wrong, when the Rift S came out, it was a super value for the cost, it truly worked great in DCS, but the resolution was a fair bit lower than what the Reverb can do. That said, if you don't have a 2080 or 2080 ti, or even a 1080ti, the Rift S may still be a good option.

  • I can't WAIT for the Hind. Yes it's multi crew as well. That'll be some good times, multiplayer gunner/pilot ops.

    My Virpil Alpha sticks were shipped yesterday at last, now I'll own every grip/stick/etc Virpil/VKB makes - well almost, I don't have the lower end VKB sticks. I'll put up some pics next week like your 3 screen setup pics Iron.