My crap DCS Thread

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    The Cougar is no short stick but looks like it compared to those others.

    It does, for me it feels pretty much identical to the F14/Warbrd combo. I've seen Warbrds go fairly cheap on the hotas discord, and the F14 stick was just on sale for around $150 USD delivered. IMO it's a good value and excellent setup for an DCS F14 stick setup - certainly not cheap, but a good performance/$ ratio. The Warbrd is very, VERY accurate, its' as good as the T50CM2 for 1/2 the cost IMO, so far as performance goes. The T50CM2 advantage is it's very flexible, comes with lots of cam/spring combos, and their new construction/design makes changing those out a breeze compared to the T50 and somewhat the Warbrd. You can't use the CM2 on the desktop though, as per the pics it's extremely tall, even with the short-ish F18 TM stick attached.

  • I've been dabbling in DCS since before it was DCS with the Flanker and Lock On sims. The learning curve for the study planes is steep, as it oughta be,

    Of course there's no substitute for flying the real thing, which most of us can never do, but you never really know a plane until you've spent time learning all of it's systems and quirks. DCS is as close as you can get today, imo.

    Agreed 100%. I've been flying ED since it was SSI as well Iron, used to fly on the Flanker and Flanker 1.5 dueling ladder a year or so before the AH1 beta came out, and that took up most of my online sim time, that and a bit of WB 2.7whatever. Carl Norman was the CEO/President of ED/SSI back then, and was a good friend of ours before he left to work for DARPA on drone-y things and other stuff. ED sure has come a long way, it's really incredible how great the overall DCS sim is - I know they take a lot of shit for their biz model, what with the whole early access/etc thing, but without it, they've said they couldn't survive as a company. So, I'd rather take the very, very small "bad" to get all the fantastic "good" they provide, and they truly do IMO. The XMAS/New years news letter holds some incredible info, so much stuff coming this year and next. Dynamic campaign, online server tweaking and upgrades, other modules, the new CVN module that comes with both the US and Russian carrier...incredible time to be into sim gaming, DCS is getting very close to what I dreamed of as a kid in terms of being the best and most desirable PC sim game possible.

    Just look at what you both are doing with just a single module/F14...there is such a vast experience offered to anyone for a pretty small price. I showed my friend DCS again when he was in my father's town where we both went to high school for a few years this summer at the local air show. He recently retired from the RCAF with over 3500 hours, 3000 of it in fighters like the Gripen, F18 both legacy and SH, F16, and F15 among others. He absolutely couldn't believe DCS now. How a PC game can match up so well with the NATOPS manuals, the procedures, etc, is what truly fascinated him, so your points are well made and taken Iron.

  • The training guys at CVW-11 asked if I had rudder pedals. Told them I use a twisty stick but have some 20 year old CH pedals in the attic. They were pretty adamant that I needed pedals for the F-14. Just drug 'em down, dusted 'em off, and hooked 'em up. still work like new. Now I need get used to 'em.

  • I still have 2 pairs of CH peds too, kept one for my little collection, and one to use/lend/etc. They are bullet proof, although dirt/dust gets in a bit too easily into the internals, requiring yearly/2 years disassembly/cleaning in order to not get "crunchy", just IMO.

    If you ever want to upgrade pedals, the VKB peds are the best bang/$ out there. Almost all metal construction, but no toe peds (software only) throws some off of them. I've got MFG Xwind, 2 different Slaws now, the VKB, and a couple other custom peds, and still use the VKB the most.

  • Our assignment after the first training session was to continue working the pattern and start doing it at night, in case you make it back for Monday's session Elfie.

    I flew right over Kobuleti and didn't see it. No beacon, runway lights were really low.

  • So, always something, just not satisfied with the rudder pedal access. I made this table to be low. My chair will not slide under it. Out to Lowes yesterday and bought a piece of pine, screwed on some make shift clamps and covered the contact places with felt. Works pretty good. Yeah, got an X-56. Maybe in a couple years if I'm still spending time with DCS I'll spring for something better.

  • Really nice 3 screen setup Iron. Love the table, I hunted for a good table for a long time up here too, as I want as much surface as possible for my gaming PC setup, and I'm going to get another one and make an L shaped corner setup next month (I'll post some pics later of my complete setup). Should have tried making my own, I like what you did with yours.

    Settled on this table, 30" by 60", as I was planning on getting another one eventually once I moved my office room about at our Sask home. It was only $200 CAD so about 150 USD at the time too.…l-legs-65865/?variation=7

    Great solid table with a large strong surface, and very sturdy wide metal legs. My problem was similar to yours however, and that was the height. The DXRacer chair I have, which I got specifically for the reclining capability and nothing else, sits very high at it's lowest setting on the up/down height position. So the table felt like it was down by my knees with that chair. I went to the closest building shop, got some scrap 2x4s, cut them to fit under the legs on both sides of the table, wrapped them up in some old dark sheets/whatever material (too lazy to find some paint that day), and now the table is at a perfect height for the 2nd lowest setting on my chair.

    I ran 3 24" monitors for a long time, right when Asus came out with their first 144hz monitors, one of the first LCDs to ever have "gaming" attached to its marketing, close to 10 years ago now I think. For AH it was great back then, but I did go back to a single when the ROG Swift 144hz 1440p 27" one came out. Run 34" Alienware 1440p Gsync IPS on my primary gaming/DCS system here, and have 4k Asus ROG Swift 27" at our other. For DCS I'm using both the Reverb and the Rift, messing around between both, as I'm on Reverb number 3 technically (had one "repaired", and this one they outright replaced with a new manufactured unit when the repaired one died again, hence keeping the Rift S around, as its been bullet proof regarding hardware and software/drivers both). If I wasn't using VR in DCS, I'd probably set up multiple monitors too and take advantage of all the other things you can do with other screens.

    I have Saitek stuff too, I've been collecting hotas for a long time, have that same unit you do, the X36/45/52/55/65F and a couple pairs of their pedals. So long as nothing breaks, they are good value for the $.

  • Thanks Gman. Made the table from a sheet of maple plywood got at Lowes. The heavy brackets holding them make it very sturdy. If I ever do this again I'll try a lumber store instead. Lowes and Home Depot have a very thin veneer which makes cutting without ripping the edges tough.

  • The night lighting in DCS is sorely lacking. The next patch is promised to address that, eager to see. I think there is a lot of life left in this sim with growth to come.

  • Thanks Gman. Made the table from a sheet of maple plywood got at Lowes. The heavy brackets holding them make it very sturdy. If I ever do this again I'll try a lumber store instead. Lowes and Home Depot have a very thin veneer which makes cutting without ripping the edges tough.

    Try a finger jointed panel. This one I made my wife's jewellery making desk out of was $99 to the GP and is 2200 x 600 x 26 ( 7ft4in x 2ft x 1in)

    You can identify an unknown force by firing one shot and judging the response.

    - If the unknowns respond with precise, regimented rifle fire, they are British.

    - If they respond with heavy machinegun fire, they are German.

    - If nothing happens for a few minutes, then your whole position gets leveled by artillery, they are American.

    - If they surrender, they're French.


  • Reorganized my computer area yesterday and a DCS issue that has long irritated me popped up again. Change USB ports for controllers or the order they are plugged and DCS may lose all the settings for the controller profile. Decided to do a little research instead of reprogramming them every time and found a message post that shows the location of the files which contain all the settings, calibrations, etc... for each controller. So, when you find a controller has lost it's settings look here: <saved games>\<DCS>\config\input\<aircraft>\joystick. The saved games folder should be in in your user folder, ie c:\users\<me>.

    You will have two lua files for the same controller. One of them is empty and the other contains your settings. You may have more than two. It can get tricky because DCS will create a lua file for each USB port the controller is seen at. To determine the current lua file in use by DCS make a backup subfolder here. Move all of the config lua files to the backup. Start DCS again. Make one change to each controller, save and exit. You will now see lua files for each of the controllers and the name of the file includes the USB port they are at.

    Look at the files you put in the backup. Chances are the one you want is the second most current date but you can open them with notepad++ to see the config. Once you've found the config lua file you want to use put it back in the original location and rename it the same as the lua that DCS just created for that controller. You'll have to delete or rename the other first.

  • The new X-56 I got had a sticking switch. It was the switch, not the button. Got a replacement from Amazon. The one works has a couple of issues too but I'm keeping it. Had trouble with a G900 and G903 mouse buttons. Logitech is going down the tubes.

    I'll ask the Easter Bunny for a Warthog HOTAS.

  • Almost 2 1/2 hours of formation training/practice last night. Wore me out. Wing vortices and jetwash are modeled.

  • I haven't played much lately due to a couple of really big orders that came in, 1900+ baits. Almost completely done with them, all I still need to do is bag 40 bags of Twigs tomorrow and then ship on Friday.

    I will be back flying very soon though.

  • You can practice formation flying by putting a tanker in orbit and hooking up. I did it years ago but with the turbulence changes it's tough in the F-14.

  • Waiting for the updater to finish downloading... like... 3 hours to get to 65% right now.

    Kewl beans. They always have yuge updates. I have a gig down so it's pretty fast. Any connection less than 100Mbps is gonna take a while.

  • I'm confident you can run it on at least medium graphics, maybe high with a few adjustments. I turned off MSAA in the game and on in the 3d control panel for the card. Made a significant difference.