My crap DCS Thread

  • Wow, those guys are worse than the AH mini-Hitlers

    They are very elitist as well. They take pride in doing everything "by the book". (The USN book, not that there is anything wrong with that.)

    Over and over I've seen verbal attacks against the Grim Reapers simply because "they aren't good at what they do".

  • Grandsons are over so haven't had time to do anything DCS related yesterday or today. The go home tonight so I'll see what I can do tomorrow.

  • We played GTFO until 2:30AM last night. Then again most of today. Pretty kewl game. A 4 player PVE game that REQUIRES teamwork and communication.

  • So, kinda funny story. I'm on the DCS server of the group I just joined. Training session for the F-14 in half an hour or so and I decided to do a few touch and go's while waiting for everyone. I over shot the end of the runway and decide to go ahead and put 'er down, see how tough the gear is. It wasn't tough enough and I put a big crater in the runway. Later we do our training session, careful to avoid the crater still there when we take off because we aren't sure if it's just cosmetic. My turn to land, on the numbers, forgot about the crater on roll out. It isn't just cosmetic. Laughter at my expense.


  • We repeated the first lesson last night, only two trainees, me and Winter. If you make it back by next Monday you haven't missed anything.

  • Always annoyed me how the X55/56 speedbrake works in DCS. By default you have to use it as a toggle. Forward then back on the switch to toggle the speedbrake on, then forward and back again to toggle off. Found a change to a lua file that changes the switch, forward, brake out, back, brake in.

    My location, yours may vary. Make a copy of this default.lua before editing and edit with notepad ++, not notepad.

    G:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\F14\Input\F-14B-Pilot\joystick\default.lua

    Also, this file will be overwritten with updates/repairs. You could use OvGME to replace it after an update but I won't because of possible additions in an update. So, just made a note to change the line again after an update. EZ.

    I also have the button to toggle as before but is only used when the modifier button is pressed. This is in case there is an update and I forget to change the default.lua. I'll still have a functional speedbrake.

    "you need modify this line
    { up=device_commands.SPEEDBRAKE_ExtendRetract, pressed=device_commands.SPEEDBRAKE_ExtendRetract, cockpit_device_id=devices.GEARHOOK, value_up=0.0, value_pressed=1.0, name=_('Speed brake extend'), category=_('Gears, brakes, and hook')},

    to look like this one

    The only defference is that the first value is now "-1.0" instead of "0.0"

    { up=device_commands.SPEEDBRAKE_ExtendRetract, pressed=device_commands.SPEEDBRAKE_ExtendRetract, cockpit_device_id=devices.GEARHOOK, value_up=-1.0, value_pressed=1.0, name=_('Speed brake extend'), category=_('Gears, brakes, and hook')},

    What this will do in the F14 is create a second line in your adjust controllers in a way duplicating the extend Option. and turn the label of the option orange/red...
    use the first option to set your Slider... and when you ue the slider(latch) the speed brake will come out/extend and when you release the Latch/Slider the Speed brake will retract..

  • You two have way too much time on your hands. I really couldn't even to begin to apply myself that much. I suppose in ten years time maybe.

    You can identify an unknown force by firing one shot and judging the response.

    - If the unknowns respond with precise, regimented rifle fire, they are British.

    - If they respond with heavy machinegun fire, they are German.

    - If nothing happens for a few minutes, then your whole position gets leveled by artillery, they are American.

    - If they surrender, they're French.


  • I've been dabbling in DCS since before it was DCS with the Flanker and Lock On sims. The learning curve for the study planes is steep, as it oughta be,

  • Of course there's no substitute for flying the real thing, which most of us can never do, but you never really know a plane until you've spent time learning all of it's systems and quirks. DCS is as close as you can get today, imo.

  • Elfie/Iron - Elfie, I think it was you that was inquiring about hotas for DCS in the other thread.

    Since you're both into the F14, I thought I'd show you how the F14 Virpil stick looks on the desktop. I have a Monster mount attached to the bottom of one of my Warbrds, but it's about the same thickness as the Virpil cross plate that they provide to use the Warbrd on a desktop - the heights represented in the pics should be very close, if not the same. I put it next to the other Virpil sticks and a Cougar, WH, and CH stick for reference. I don't have a VKB stick here I can put next to it for ref, but it's about the same height (both GF2 are at our other place, and my GF3 hasn't arrived yet).

    The Warbrd with the F14 stick is a very good height IMO for desktop use, while the others obviously aren't so much. The F18 stick from TM, as well as using a Cougar/Warthog metal A10/F16 stick is close to the same height as the F14 Virpil stick as well. I didn't put a pic of the Delta stick in the Warbrd, but it's just a bit higher than the F14 stick and can still be used easily on the desktop surface, and it's a great stick for Star Citizen (it has an analogue ministick hat). I use that setup for SC myself, HOSAS+throttle, the left hand being my Delta/Warbrd, and the right hand the T50 stick in the T50CM2 base, and my first gen T50 throttle (the 2nd gen has an analogue ministick and different handle, but since I have a ministick on the delta I just use the 1st gen throttle for SC so I don't have to move as much Monster mount stuff around).

    The F14 stick is excellent, you can accurately map the DLC/CMS buttons/etc, and the trim/weapons select and so forth all work very well. It doesn't have the best trigger I've ever used on a stick, but it's more than good enough, and is really the only weak point. Due to stock issues when I bought it, the F14 stick I have is the twist, and after a bit of a PITA getting the set screw to thread through properly (I had to disassemble the stick to figure out what was wrong), I can easily lock and unlock the twist now, and don't use it ATM and have it locked. The Delta doesn't have a lock, but I find it stays put very well and only moves in the twist axis if/when I want to twist it, so it doesn't throw off the regular x/y axis of motion at all.

  • Thanks Gman. I had the CH and still have the Cougar. The Cougar is no short stick but looks like it compared to those others.