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  • Obviously, that pup has high intellect. What does it answer to?

    Boris,he will take care of moose,the frenchie deals with the squirrels.

    He's a mere 8 weeks so a bit young to train,however he's showing promise as you can see. He will stay,sit and even give a paw,although he's still working on the paw thing. Pretty good for only 3 or 4 days. I may enter him into obedience trials when he's older,or have him certified as a service dog.

    Years ago I had a UDX certified Bullterrier so it's not out of the realm of possibilities.

  • Recent story about a woman mauled and killed by her rescued french bulldog. Never woulda thought. Article said it had been used in dog fighting.

  • While it's unusual these days they did fight dogs of all sizes and types. Bulldogs tended to be boring fights as they would just grab and hold on,like they were bred to do. So some dogmen crossed the bulldog with a terrier and called them bull and terriers.These were the foundation of the staffordshire terriers and Bullterriers. You could find these types from as little as 5 to 10 pounds up to 35 to 45 pounds. The rare fighter would top 50 lbs but they were considered too big to fight other dogs and mostly used against animals and even humans,yup they would put midgets in the pit against a dog...FFS. It was more common to find a bear,lion or even a baboon and it took a great dog to handle and defeat a baboon.

    In the 1850's you could see ads in the London times for dog fights,they would be held at the Westminster pits,one of the most famous dogshows is named after the pits. Dogs fought in weight classes and there are rules that must be followed,they even had a fellow called the taster,he would lick the dogs coat to check for poisons.

    My Favorite ad was for a dog named sluggo,it read,Standing at challenge Sluggo,willing to take on man or beast 50 to 500lbs. A 5000 pound note and complimentary case of champagne were his appearance fee.5000 pounds sterling in 1860's just to show up.

    The term axed from his job comes from dogfighting,you had written permission to kill the dog if it bit a handler in the ring,there was usually a stump and axe just outside the pit. The rules varied from region to region and it was a rich mans sport. If you can call that a sport.

    I'm surprized to see a dog as small as a frenchie could kill a human,I suspect the other dog got involved but unless you were there at the time you cant know for sure. I dont recommend frenchies around kids,I've said this before,they tend to be snippy and often go for the face/nose as thats what they were bred to do.

  • Homie, you got to put this up top. The sag and momma didn't love me is too outrageous.

    So docile.

    Not docile at all,takes a firm hand and plenty of training to get them to behave! I cheat to get the pix,what you dont see is me holding a dog treat and making them sit and behave,both are food driven so it's easy enough to do. I've been training dogs all my life,I made one mistake and it cost a good dog her life,I swore I'd never do that again. She had to be put down because she snatched a cat from a kids arms and knocked the kid down and put a scratch or 2 on the kid,then she killed the cat like I had taught her to do. I swore I'd never teach another dog to attack like that again,I was pretty much just a kid myself at the time and the dog was a beautiful Dobie.