So, what's everyone doing today? What kind of loot did you get?

  • Yeah... i get it oh cuban one... I rarely actually do the shopping. Kinda weird how the women love to take the cash or plastic and do it for us tho huh?


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)

  • Sometimes the means count as much as the thought.

  • My gift to those that attended over three days and two nights has been the animals slaughtered and prepared with patience and love except for today's spiralled cut ham.

    The locally sourced tubers and greens

    The libations and soft drinks.

    The dominoes, the dancing, conversation and the equally important quiet for the naps.

    Four or five times a year in a consecutive progression going back generations.

    It's what we do. It's my time now, well myself and my brother and our sons.

    When I'm no longer here they will remember as I now remember.

    The art and elegance of tradition.

  • Day of food, booze and video games, was down in England on holiday last week visiting family but I had to come back up to work.

    Got a few odds and ends, a new PC and an Oculus Rift being the major ones.

    Now the main people in my family who Xmas revolved around have passed, I tend to prefer my own company.

    Had an offer from a friend to join her family, but decided to just unwind and forget the world for a few days.

  • The missus is into photography, and switched from Nikon to Canon a few years back, and she said that the Rebel T7 is a great camera for your eldest. I know nothing about them, and can screw up simple pics of PC hardware so far as lighting/res/flash goes.

    I got a couple front/back facing Blackvue car cameras, a Uniden R7 radar detector, and some clothes.

    Gave the missus a new pretty high end telescope/mount/etc. Got my father one of those weighted blankets, a Waterpik system he wanted, put new winter/snow floor mats in his vehicle.

    Haven't had a drink in ages, I think it was New Year's 2010, but I might be wrong. Long time either way, and had a few Xmas drinks with family today (their own wine) and some scotch. Just taking it easy with family today and tomorrow, we got a bit more snow today, after having a lot of it melt, hopefully there is just enough tomorrow to run our snowmobiles around the farm for the kids.

  • Huh? Hanging out with family? Just staying home and relaxing?

    I'm getting ready to go over to see my aunt Kathy. She's making some kind of Christmas dinner - just us.

    hung out with my aunt n uncle, cousins, cousins kids and mom. to be honest, that was plenty for me, as we don't get together often enough. got a few small things that will be useful. gave a few small things that will be useful.

  • I had the whole extended family here. spent shitloads of money and have two trailer loads to the dump sitting on my front balcony. I scored some VR goggles for the PS4, a new pair of Vans, a bunch of chocolates and lollies and a sarcastic 9 ball. I was just finishing off the clean up then and broke the dishwasher, in my effort to fix it I pinched a wire between the control box and the stainless part of the door, quite a light show when I powered it back up and fried the circuit board.

  • I'd love to spend the holidays with your clan.

  • had first Christmas with the new kid. Just the wife, dogs, and son. Skyped family. Wife bought me a new chainsaw since my 23 yr old jonsered threw a starter piece that is impossible to get. Bought myself a smith 44 magnum i been wanting now that they are coming back down in price since walking dead fad is dying out

  • Yeah storch it sounds great. My younger brother takes over that stuff. it is like 3 times a year he makes a feast... Easter and thanksgiving and Xmas. He is disabled pretty much and on a fixed income and he really goes all out on these family days. We were lucky to have my daughter and future son in law and Maximum Max at thanksgiving. I generally just buy a few pies and bring the beer. When he used to hunt we would have more exotic stuff but now it is all from the butchers and grocers.... still.... great times and eats with my/our noisy family.


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)

  • We went up to the in-laws. The old guy has severe dementia and at first he didn't recognize us. Sad.

    But a bit after we showed up he realized who was there and he brightened up and had a VERY good day. Not his old self, but still a VERY good day for him. It warmed my heart to see him doing to well.

  • Waiting for temps to hit 40, that we can finish sinking posts and put up 4' fence for the kids' dogs to run around in whilst we (well...Barb) babysit them next week

    If politicians only got paid according to their district's economic success, there would be no more Democrats.

  • Replaced the Logs around the Burn Pit with cinder blocks. Now I don't have to use the hose to stop the sides from catchin fire.

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    Lemme say that again... I don't care. If. The accusations against Trump. Are factual. Or not.