How do we know?

  • That Trump has kicked the living shit out of the left wing hold on the courts? Shumer just made a statement that Trump has destroyed the federal court system for decades... making it impossible for progressive values to come forward. He has destroyed the 'integrity' of one of the most progressive (and most overturned) district courts ... the ninth circuit with right wing judges!

    'Right wing' ... translation... not left wing.. Young judges that interpret the constitution as it was written. Boo fucking hooo.. you lost the courts commies... you lost the media as in... no one listens to your shit anymore.................And... hold on to your shrunken little balls..........The unions now favor Trump for his trade deals........but you say... we still have your children and the teachers union!!! not so fast buttercup............Trump is really really finally pushing school choice... yep... the great satan is pushing for parents to choose their own schools!! this is not the 'choice' the left screamed about!! this is anti globalist.... anti..well... everything left wing.

    Face it fuckwads... you could never have imagined how far you would have fallen in 3 short years. you were caught off guard... You controlled every aspect of American life and now it is as if all your hard work has come to nothing.... soros is being kicked out of country after country... england has left the globalists and elected a Trump lite.

    I don't expect you to throw in the towel.. but watching you mop your tears of rage and frustration with it is good enough for me.


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)

  • I’d really like to break his commie face and see him hang for treason but I suppose I can settle for seeing all their lefty shit undone.

    Backyard Commandos INC, HMFIC

    I disagree but I respect your right to be stupid.

    Winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners.

    It's hard for liberals with mental disorders to think that other people don't also have the same mental disorders. - Danneskjold 2018

  • FDR's order to intern all the Japanese during WWII.

    Rock-Ribbed Capitalist

    No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot - Mark Twain

    TWAT on 10/14/2019 :

    Lemme say that again... I don't care. If. The accusations against Trump. Are factual. Or not.

  • Googit. Basically The leftists rounding up of people into camps to keep them safe for their own good through an executive order. FDR the great did it in 1941.

    Rounded up and placed American citizens in camps because fuck yeah.

  • Notice they invariably have to FORCE their great ideas on you? If they WERE great ideas, people would gravitate to them

    If politicians only got paid according to their district's economic success, there would be no more Democrats.

  • I have often said that I can leave the left alone (who cares right?) but they can't leave me alone. if they want to ban meat or soda in NYC? who gives a fuck?

    But.. when they want to ban guns in the rest of the country? fuck them.


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)

  • I do not want a civil war but I am always grateful when the left over reaches and exposes themselves as the POS nanny state fuckwads that they really are.


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)