• Bought a Logitech G900 a while back. After a few months it actually started locking up my PC. I'm a tech, I didn't believe a mouse would do this but I verified this with another mouse. Wiped drivers etc.... Opened a ticket with Logitech. After I pushed them they replaced it with a new G903. After 6 months or so I noticed it started double clicking when only single clicked. Read that this is a common issue with several of the Logitech mice. No more Logitech mice for me. Razer is the alternative. Their wireless are expensive.

    Anyone used this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/prod…rd_r=JG4TZM49S7FEK5WZQFA1

  • Never had luck with wireless for gaming. I stick with the plug for lag issues.

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  • I don't use a wireless mouse because of gaming. I also used to use logitech but had a so so experience with the logitech 503 mouse when it came out a few years ago. Switched to Razer and got a death ladder mouse and then about a year ago updated to the death adder elite with the mechanical buttons. Best mouse I have ever bought and used. It is also inexpensive.

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  • I have three Death Adder Elites which is what I'm using now. The mouse I linked is supposed to be the fastest wireless out there and some have said it is lag free. I hate to spend that much for a mouse though.

  • I was satisfied with the speed of the Logitech G903 (wireless). The only issue is the double clicking and that is a show stopper.

  • I have a logijunk wireless,it was supposed to be the best at the time. FPS games made me rethink the wireless because of the slight lag as I ended up getting killed when I thought I had the drop on the other guy. Got a razer wired viper and thats when I knew it was the mouse,my gaming experience changed for the better.

    But dont let me dissuade you tho,as it really depends on your usage.

  • My kid's a "hardcore" gamer. He even went to a mouse on PS4 first person games. Won't use more than a 22" (I believe) monitor because every tiny lag no matter how small adds up. Now for me, I've never been nor will ever be good enough to really know the difference. So it just matters how "seriously" you take gaming I guess.

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  • Theoretically a wireless mouse can be as fast and consistently responsive as wired. Obviously I don't want to pay $170 and be disappointed. Gonna wait for it to drop in price.

  • I'm not a big fan of wireless for gaming either, although they are making big improvements vis a vis lag/etc. Razer overall makes great mice (I have a couple dozen gaming mice). I like Steel Series 600 right now as my daily driver, and they make a wireless version of that, the 650, you might want to look at, and they frequently go on sale for $70 USD from what I've seen. IMO the only real options for a good gaming wireless right now is the Razer Basilisk or Viper, or the Steel Series 650, since you've crossed Logitech off the list.

  • I picked up the Razer Basilisk Ultimate. I like it but get no where near the 100 hour battery life they claim. Not a big factor for me.

  • had my eye on the new Steel Series Sensei... have had good fortune with them and I have carpel tunnel issues...

    gotten better since I stopped data entry and coding though... so... but a good mouse is essential to a computer...

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