.357 magnum sniper revolver...

  • No man I'd believe it because you can zen a shot.

    I killed the biggest rat I have seen to date by shooting through a 1/4" hole in a 1/8" steel plate with a .22lr rifle from about twenty feet away.

    The rat dropped into the box made of steel open on top and that was a series of bolt holes for attaching the piece.

    The shot went clean through the hole. My concentration was amazing and I was totally in the zone.

    That fat rat had contaminated hundreds of dollars worth of feed.

    It weighed twelve pounds.

  • Nope, it was reckless as fuck. A cop should be in good enough shape to close that distance in a very short time. 187 yards with a snub nose on a target holding a hostage is stupid.

  • I have a hard enough time hitting the black area of a target with an M1 at 100 yards off a bench

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  • The bad guy was strangling the bunny bint. The cop just having finished a box of krispy kreme and venti felt extreme confidence. His taurus didn't fail him.

    Roll credits

  • Actually that was my first thought. Some fat fucking mouth breather that couldn't run to save a life. Makes a 1 in 1000 (at least) shot and brags about it for the rest of his life.

  • No doubt that was a great shot. But it was a rifle and nobody's life depended on it.

    Krispy Kreme was just as likely to hit the good guy as the bad guy. And was more likely to miss both.

  • The thing is the one in a million is possible because you become one with the projectile. I did.

    We're all one with everything. The trick is to pin point focus your awareness.

    Okay, I'll leave the drug talk to Toad. ;p

  • not if he bonded at the molecular level with the projectile.

    The projectile became an instrument of his will.

    Believe it.

    Not buying it in this case. Dumbass made an extremely stupid mistake that miraculously turned out good.

  • You guys are just being silly. The fat detective had a very clear shot. He might not have even been capable of running 187 yards and if he could he would have been to tired and shaky to hit at point blank.

    Another... on a base a few years back an MP hit two men at over 85 yards with two shots.

    The more you shoot at 100 yards with a handgun the easier it gets. Just about all handguns drop the exact same amount at 100 yards if they are zeroed at 25.... figure about 11" I like mine zeroed at about 40-50 yards. Shooting at a two liter that means I can aim at the cap and if I do my part it is on.

    I don't think I would hunt with a handgun at more than about 75 yards but many figure 125 yards as max


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  • A 44mag and even less, a 357 mag doesnt drop nearly as much as a 38 or 45acp at 100 yards. Or at least that has been my experience. I love shooting the 44mag at 100 yards.

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