My Floor measurements! Found some flooring.

  • I measured my floor space. My bedroom and bathroom are 46 sq/ft and my entire place, including the bedroom/bath is 266 actual. One reason the bedroom is so small is that the queen bed has no flooring under it - just built on top of a storage place.

    So, 300 sq/f should do everything. I found a guy that has 550 and he's lettimg me have it for $300 if I take it all,. It's laminate and 1/4" thick, nice looking stuff but the picture is he has posted is not so great. So I think I'll take it though.

  • Here is what I'm going on. It looks to be something I would like and would look good in my place. I like that it looks thick and rustic. What do you guys think? I know nothing about laminate? For instance, I see what looks like some dings and scratches. I wonder if I can sand them?

    Also, I have a check for $400.00 to my dad for rent in an envelope but he's never responded to me about the actual rent when I asked how much he wanted. So if I buy this flooring I can't pay him for two more weeks.

  • The problem with sanding a laminate is that you could accidentally sand through a layer... then you've got an ugly piece of shit.

    If the idea is to just do the bed and bath, simply go buy new. Less headaches in the short and long run.

  • No, I need to do the whole place and that was always the plan. All of the spaces continue into each other and it's too small to not make it all congruent. It will look great. With almost twice as much as I need, I can select the best pieces. I'm also going to have rugs. I'm going to rock this shit! I'm excited.

    I'll use some of the extra pieces to put on the big closet that I turned into an open cabinet in the bathroom.

  • What does laminate mean? Can it be sanded?

    Most of that stuff is MDF with a photo of some woodgrain laminated to the top with plastic. So no, you can't sand it nor get it excessively wet ( You can get wet area stuff but I doubt this is it) Over a timber floor you also wont get away with the cheap foam underlay, you need a vapour barrier so some of the better silver or best gold underlay. It's about twice the price of the foam but well worth it if you don't want the MDF to swell and the edges to lift.

  • I just picked it up and I'm driving back home. This is waterproof stuff. The lady I bought it from made her husband pulling out after three days because she didn't like the color and they paid $1,600 for this stuff a couple weeks ago. The only place where it's not waterproof is on the very edges of it I guess from what I can tell

  • Another thing to consider is that 1/4 inch is roughly 7mm... that's on the lower end. Higher quality laminate flooring is going to be a minimum of 12mm thick. You can really tell the difference when walking on it.

    Actually 1/4" is 6.35mm.

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  • on the bottom of it it has a blue color and it feels almost like plastic. The top of it sort of feels like wood grain I guess I'm not sure. It's in the back of my Explorer right now and I'm still driving so I haven't had a great chance to closely other than looking at it before I bought it. Pretty heavy stuff though... I can only pick it up about 3 planks at a time. I might head over to Home Depot before I go home to buy the subflooring