• Bought a Logitech G900 a while back. Had trouble with it. Logitech sent me a G903 to replace it. It developed the double click problem common to Logitech mice. I went back to a wired Razer Death Adder Elite. Razer has a new mouse and I will watch for upcoming sales, https://www.razer.com/gaming-mice/razer-viper-ultimate

    Anyone have this mouse or have an opinion on what's good?

    I'm done with Logitech.

  • I have an old razor mouse,not sure which one but it's wired and about 15 yo. works like new still. I also have a logitech wireless,it's even older but has a couple of issues. First and foremost is the lag it's just not suitable for gaming,which is why I bought the razor.

  • Over a hundred bucks seems expensive for a mouse but you have to consider how much you use it and how it affects your experience. Harder to be assimilated if you're uncomfortable.

  • I think if you are using it for just gaming then a wired unit is the way to go. Wireless just has too much lag for my liking.I used to play a fps and the wireless mouse was getting me killed because of lag,once I switched to a wired razor I got accused of cheating,it made that much difference.

    If it's just a general mouse and casual gaming,thats a pretty nice one.

    I bought a cheap M$ wireless for my lapper,does what I need and it only cost 20 bucks,guess it all depends on the application.