They will be coming for your dogs next

  • Another friend had a Dobbie, a big male, very friendly. Could walk into the house when he wasn't there, but don't try to leave. The question is tho, was it protecting the house or just lonely.

    Had a friend of the family who had a dog trained like that... you could walk in and do anything you wanted... but you could not leave....

    One story of this dog was a telephone contractor (Back when your contact was via an RT in your vehicle) came to do some work... he arrived sometime in the morning and was sitting there till one of the kids came home from school and called his dad top come home

    He said to Paul... what an amazing dog... was not threatening at any stage other than when I got close to the boundry..

    Another time he was in the shop (takeaway bar) and some guy came in with a gun... and Zeb was doing his thing laying under the counter.... and a simple command and the guy had a dog attached to him....

    But with us kids... I was young from 4 - 8ish back when friends and families had weekend afternoon gatherings and BBqs ... we could do anything to him... he was a pussycat....

    That dog was wickedly trained... only two people could command him...and if either of those two weren't home he was on duty

  • Two of my grandkids have been bitten by dogs.


    Ya well idiots shouldnt have dogs,either the owner was an idiot and let the kids be alone with the dog or...

    I had a bullterrier that would let you in but not out and she would grab your hand and walk you to the front door and keep you on the mat at the door. She wouldnt hurt you but you couldnt get your hand out of her mouth.

    I have only had 1 dog that was human aggressive,she was trained to be a personal protection dog. She had 2 collars,one was the "on the job" collar and the other was her off duty collar.She watched my Dad's business,one night she trapped a cop in the bathroom,when I went to get him out and only I could do this,even Dad wouldnt attempt it,all the cop said was"Damn you have a good dog there,all I heard was her claws on the floor and I didnt want to shoot her so I shut the bathroom door hoping my partner would go get someone soon." I released the dog and told the cop to give her a pet.....LMAO The cops knew Dad and I guess Dad had forgot to lock the front door. After that they wouldnt go inside for any reason,just come to the house and tell Dad he forgot to lock up again.

  • Pitt bulls are the Negros of the dog world. They could go feral at a moments notice.

    MNN on 6/18/19

    "chump will assuredly lose 2020 barring an event that cancels the election - he just cant keep his scummy yankee mouth shut"

    MNN on 6/24/19

    Chump is going to tote an ass kicking nov 2020

    MNN on 11/14/19

    fact is it is within a year of the election, the Senate will not allow him to appoint her successor. Nov 2020 he will lose.

  • Pitt bulls are the Negros of the dog world. They could go feral at a moments notice.

    First you'd have to show me a pitbull! I know some real pit dogs that you'd think were some kind of hound. Then there those roided up ghetto dogs people call pits,or are you referring to the american stafforshire terrier,or the APBT.

    Most the dogs you'd call a pitbull or kneegrow dog are crosses and have Mastif blood in them to make them bigger and badder that have little to do with a real pitbull.

    A real "pitbull" would never bite a human,it's been bred out and the reason is if your dog bit a handler in the ring it got the axe,no matter what! some of those dogs are worth big coin,a game bred dog can cost 10 grand or more as an untested pup. They make huge money for their owners and the rules are clear,your dog bites,it's head come off! The term axed from you job comes from dog fighting! same with toe the line are he aint up to scratch.

    Ive raised these types of dogs for year,one always slept with my kid and I didnt even have to tye a porkchop around the kids neck.

  • I actually kinda sorta agree with spittingbull on the some people should not own dogs thing. I believe that the number who should not is somewhere around 90%


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)

  • Anyone can own a dog,you just need to be slightly smarter than said dog. Unfortunately that reduces the candidates unless you want some little fluffball that can be football kicked across the room.In spaz's case he's disqualified on both accounts.

  • I owned a boxer for close to 14 years.


    So! boxers are just a short coated poodle these's what happens when you breed for at certain type.

    All working dogs are robot dogs,a child can train them to do anything.

    There's a fellow on my street who has 2 boxers,oh and a boyfriend too,I bet he wears a cowboi hat.