WTF??? Even the chickens in Austalia will kill your ass!!!

  • Backyard Commandos INC, HMFIC

    I disagree but I respect your right to be stupid.

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  • These two will fuck you up too.

    Though the magpie can be reasoned with. If you feed them and they know you they'll even let you approach their young once they're out of the nest to feed them.

    The Lapwing plover gives no fucks. And those spurs are hard and sharp.

    Absinthe makes the tart grow fonder.

    Celebrating those happy times when the penis is an internal organ.

  • I've never encountered a Lapwing plover but those spurs look pretty menacing.

    When I was 11 I had piano lessons in Nowra and not only did I dread going because of the old witch
    who "taught" me, the mature trees in her street were full of Magpies that would swoop at me.
    Luckily I had one of those hard plastic school cases I could hold over my head while running, or waiting for Mum to come pick me up.

    (The piano witch would hit me on my knuckles with a wooden ruler every time my wrists dropped slightly. On the school desks behind me would be 4-8 other students doing music theory homework or writing out scales as a punishment, most had sheer terror in their eyes or were sniffling after crying)

  • Yeah penguins with rulers... I went to catholic school.


    Yup, I'm sure StRaNgEdAyS and Phatzo can confirm, how normal getting "Six of the best" (bending over to get beaten with a cane) or hit on the hands/fingertips, was common practise as a form of punishment at school. (not just at catholic schools)
    Luckily girls weren't caned. When a teacher would hit your desk suddenly with a large ruler or cane and raise their voice it was usually enough to scare the crap out of you.

    Once the Japanese language teacher was filling in for an english lesson and she lost her shit with the smallest kid in our class. First she hit him hard enough for him to fall off his chair, then proceeded to pull him up by his hair as he screeched from the pain.
    I ordered everyone to stand up and for someone to gather all the hair they could find and marched them all to the headmaster's office to lodge an official complaint.
    She ended up getting suspended for 6 months and returned only after following anger management course.

  • I got 6 of the best almost every day at school.

    I don't remember when it was abolished. I know private schools kept it in for as long as they could before it was actually legislated against.

    Absinthe makes the tart grow fonder.

    Celebrating those happy times when the penis is an internal organ.

  • G9 at Glebe HS had a math teacher Mr Kerr who would throw brushes and chalk at students. Now Glebe was a rather snotty school and us country boys didn't take shit so when he would throw the brush or chalk at us we would catch the object if we could and throw it back at him. Anyway one day a brush was thrown and caught and thrown back at him. Almost took his head off. He also liked to do shoulder pinches. One day my friend Bob had had enough and gave him an elbow in his nuts. Needless to say he stopped doing both in our class and as the word got around the school he stopped doing it in other classes.