What the fuck is going on lately??

  • These shooters aren't the sharpest tacks around. They're relatively rare... a tiny tiny fraction of the murders in this country. It requires a special confluence of crazy, misanthropy, and basic technical ability... many people have one or two of these. Few have all three.

    Now, I'll readily agree that since there are millions upon millions of semi-automatic assault rifles out there, it'd be a herculean task to control those. It's be a long time befor such a.law would be effective.

    But once fully implemented... why would it be any different than laws restricting full auto weapons?

    just because you can. it's overated. only the military need it. some of the best guns i owned were single shot .22lr . and single barrel shotguns. you learn to shoot straight when you have only one round . 12 rounds a second from an armaltite or ar just pisses of your neighbous. they should have told me

  • Because one can not buy fully automatic weapons unless one jumps thru many many hoops.. Even the "Black Market" has a hell of a time finding "Fully Automatic" weapons. Only real way Criminal types can get hold of them is to rob a Armory.

    or goes to camden, newark, philthadelphia, patterson, shitgago, and any other number of cities.......

  • If by the magic of baby Jeezus that was to happen. Then yes the numbers probably would probably reduce similarly.

    But the numbers of other weapons used would go up.

    There, you own me a straight answer sometime. Mark it down...

    Thanks RW. I wasn't sure if you had it in you :blueflower

    Now all that said, I do think it's emotionally-driven bullshit that we spend so goddamn much media coverage, hand-wringing, and political capital on this particular type of murder that makes up less than 1% of all murders.

    But you know how we human apes are. We're driven by whateverthefuck hits us in the feels. Well, some folks more than others.

  • or goes to camden, newark, philthadelphia, patterson, shitgago, and any other number of cities.......

    You mean "Demonrat" controlled Cities with the Draconian Gun Laws? Yeah, more Laws always helps.

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    TWAT on 10/14/2019 :

    Lemme say that again... I don't care. If. The accusations against Trump. Are factual. Or not.

  • people also forget that bumpstock bullshit from lost wages a couple years back.......if dude woulda used a bolt action or semi auto, the body count woulda been a LOT higher.

    ha. saying that here would raise some flags. it wouldn't bother me they have being monitoring me for years. i'ts about time their focus was getting me justice.. in a court of law

  • Twat... what you are saying is that 10 years of what you are asking for were not enough?/ they should have gone house to house and confiscated 'assault weapons' ??

    What you are saying is if they had sent the military to confiscate those evil weapons.. we would not have the hundred or less people killed by them every year and that would have changed the stats............0.0005%? is that what u are saying? Like.. communism works.. it has just not been tried enough?

    IT DID NOT work.. never will. Not here.. not Oz.. not england (LOL a real country?) not NZ You are either an idiot or you think I am.. and.. I am not an idiot....


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  • We're just gonna have to disagres on that last point laz.

    But as for the 1994 assault weapons 'ban', you know as well as I do that it was purely symbolic. SK's, AK's, AR's, and shit like that were still readily available and perfectly legal.

    But you know that. You're just lying about it.

    So tell me Lazhole... why don't we see more shooters with full auto weapons? Or are you even capable of a rational discussion on this issue?

  • There weren't too many fully auto weapons in 1934 (I think that was the year) There are millions of semi autos NOW. Are proposing we go door to door and confiscate them? Failing THAT, make them illegal NOW, and in 20 years we'll see the effect (notice I can use effect and affect correctly grammar Nazi)

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  • Yeah, about those so called red flag laws...


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  • Twat... my points are so logical and true that most here beat me to em. I know... this is not going the way you thought it would.... it seemed like such a great 'gotcha' too at the time right?

    Sooo... before the regulation of machine guns.... very few people actually owned em... mostly cause they are pretty useless for the average citizen.... there are actually more machine guns now than there were before the ban....yep... more now.

    Sooo... your other point... the old ban... are you saying that even tho it was a ban and that no new people could buy em without extreme red tape....certainly no mass shooter kids..... that it did nothing for the homicide rate because..... the government did not go house to house and round up all the old ones?

    How exactly would a ban work this time? and.... how would they know who did or did not have one? I mean... if they round em up based on registration data.... then.... registration in that case would indeed lead to....................confiscation.

    And that... is actually how you do a gotcha.


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)

  • Doing mass shootings with fully-auto weapons, prolly save lives. Fewer wounded tho. Lots fewer

    If politicians only got paid according to their district's economic success, there would be no more Democrats.

  • I think I answered your question Twat. machine guns never were used much in mass shootings... the most famous was the st Valentines day massacre but.... most of those were also shot with shotguns....yeah... that woulda done it without the Thompsons.

    I will concede that most of the shooters are kids... sick out of touch whack jobs crybabies.... it would be difficult for them to get a machine gun in any case.... but not all shooters are kids.... the Vegas guy used a bump stock... he was spraying into a jam packed crowd. The report on the shooting said he would have killed more using normal semi auto fire tho.

    I believe that the machine gun restrictions and bans on new ones were unconstitutional when they were made... the SC had no clue. They thought that it would not apply to any that were already held and be a simple no felons allowed thing.... they were also clueless about shotguns never being a weapon of war... they were wrong of course but the pro rights guys had a really weak case.

    If the ban on machine guns was lifted the homicide rate would not change one way or the other.


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)