Time to leave.

  • On Sunday my wife finally made a confession on what she's done. Two full fledged love affairs that lasted a combined 10 years of the 26.5 years we've been together.

    During the first one she had him in our bed, among other places like the parking lot at work and a public road behind her work. While I was working my second job she'd take our daughter over to her parents so he could come over. I only worked a second job so we'd have coin to do things.

    During the second one, on four consecutive years, she deliberately went to her boyfriend on my birthday and gave him everything I would've wanted. She'd leave for work to early for anything to happen and come home after midnight.

    She also said she wasn't in love with me when we married, that explains so much. Of course now, "I've never felt love like this before, I didn't know what love was". Dafuq?

    I have a commitment to fulfill and when that is done I'm out. Two years fuckers.

  • Leave what??

  • Luck to you.

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  • OK- hard truth here bud. Do you really believe you're a victim with no culpability? When was the last time you helped her with the dishes? When was the last time you rubbed her feet? Do you watch movies together? Do you rub her shoulders at night? Do you hold her tight? Do you show her you love her? Did you tell her that? Or do you expect a blowjob on your birthday? Where were you on her birthday? Making fishing lures?

    Relationships require work bro- maybe you need a little introspection and her confession she "didn't know what love was before" is reaching out. What, giving her a two years' notice it'll end when the kids are grown and raised? If that's the way you feel end it now- it's not like you're giving notice like it's a fucked up job but- think about it.

    Do you love her? 26.5 years dude- you'll throw all that away or you can work to repair it. You keep talking about "extra coin" and shit like that and you should be talking with her, right now, about how BOTH of you failed and your relationship went astray and what you need to do to get it back on track. She seems willing to repair it, and she's honest. You should be too but if it's irreparable then end it now. Don't give a two years' notice and let her know you'll have a grudge, OK? That ain't good for the kids.

  • Before you leave, go on Dr Phil and talk about it. Might as well get paid before you leave.

    I’d try to talk you out of it but I know how you are once your mind is made up.

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  • To hear that Elfie.

    OK Mom, I've got "Bitches" composed in my head. Screenplay? Maybe Disney- might be a series. You need to edit of course but yeah, Episode One is a lost dog- a small furry one- and the owners of the lost dog offer a reward. The "Bitches" vow to find the dog and demand more than the reward, but the catch is a dirtbag is hired to break into the local DA's office to steal a thumb drive in custody implicating him in crimes and as he's getting busted he's in the ally and the dog approaches him, so he attaches the thumb drive to the dog's collar and shooses him off as the police arrest him.

    The mafia guy, knowing the thumb drive will put him in prison forever, searches for the dog and the "bitches" do too- they want to extort the reward and go for more money- seriously, we should write this. There's so many twists and turns and it'd also be a great series, just saying. The "bitches" (13 year olds) find the dog, demand a ransom- this might be fun.

    You put the idea in my head so- I've been thinking of it.

  • I've loved her from day one. She admitted today that until my seizure in the hospital in January of 2018 she only thought of how to get me to leave and she purposely did things to piss me off so I'd leave. She rejected my affections and then sought those same affections in the arms of other men. I'd try long hugs and gentle kisses, holding her close while I softly sang love songs in her ear. She pushed me away and rejected my affections.

    I've worked two jobs just in order to get ahead and we could do things but she spent it all. She spent whatever capital got paid off on credit cards EVERY month on crap like snacks and sodas. She spent every extra penny we had and then told the rest of us we couldn't afford things.

    Her birthday? She was at her boyfriend's.

    The only way I've failed is in my reactions to what she's done, they have been textbook in all the worst ways but I'm improving that quickly.

    She's still not being honest, she only admits to something when overwhelming evidence is presented. I've given her chance after chance to finish coming clean and each time I have to use the crowbar.

    I can't end it now, I have a promise to keep to my youngest and that will be finished at the end of May in 2021. The hardest part of enduring the next two years will be hiding just how much I loathe her. I want to door slam the bitch but I have to wait.

    You couldn't be more wrong on this one Mike. Her own words convict her.

  • Before you leave, go on Dr Phil and talk about it. Might as well get paid before you leave.

    I’d try to talk you out of it but I know how you are once your mind is made up.

    Anything is possible I suppose, but I'm having a very difficult time not seeing the aforementioned door slam in her future. Right now I could not care less about what happens to her after I leave and I can't see that changing.