Just got a haircut.

  • Sorry squarehead... didn't mean to rub it in....

    Sooo.. I am at the barber. walk in so I got to wait a bit.... also waiting is some immigrant from (as it turns out) fiji... the guy who cuts my hair is chink. There is a legal immigrant from mexico also.

    Ice breaker is the fireworks. Our city spends at least 10k on em every year and it is really really crowded. I can see em from my upstairs deck. but.... the illegal ones in every neighborhood were spectacular. down the block they must have set off ten giant ass rockets.... there were M80's and all sorts of shit... all illegal. The guy from fiji was saying one in his area sent a rocket that ended in an image of the USA...

    All of us were happy for the lawbreakers. I did not see one cop. It moved on to laws and how fucked up California was and ended up... How great Trump was.

    Points being that (from the fiji guy) that the media was the enemy of the people.... that things were going great and they were trying to ruin the country....

    Being the only white guy I was saying I was sick of being blamed for every damn thing... they all laughed and agreed it was fucked up.

    ALL agreed that legal immigration was great....Illegal was not.... all except me had spent 10 years following the law and spending lots of money becoming citizens.... The chink was still working on it but was close.

    Ended with handshakes all around....

    Sad thing is that if there were a white lefty there... they would have been the only sour face....


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)

  • #1.... this is in my small city in California... I honestly notice that since Trump got in more and more people are speaking out... sometimes the ones that do are surprising.

    I had a very similar conversation with a negro I know a bit who has a C15 pickup and a mex wife.


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)

  • I used to love fireworks. Now we have a little dog that is deathly afraid of them and trembles violently at the first firecracker. We've put her in one of those thunderjackets and drugged her. They help but not much. They are illegal to shoot in the city but it's not enforced and it sounds like war zone all around town. I hate 'em now.

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  • It seems there are very few demographics more anti-illegal-alien than people who migrated legally.

    I only know one person who came here legally as a child. She can't stand illegals.

    But it's funny, her sister is a flaming lib. And tells people that her father came here poor looking for a better life. Now my friend is older an says they were not poor at all when they came here and her sister was too young to remember. But the younger sister has convinced herself that it's true.

    Isn't it funny how the mind works.

  • The illegal fireworks around here are out of control and insane. You wouldn't even believe it. Non-stop and HUGE. I fucking HATE it. It starts a week before and continues after. On the 4th? You just would not believe it. I recorded some of it a few years ago. It's way more than any war scene in any movie I've ever seen. so many explosions that they're actually indistinct.... rapid fire , interspersed with explosion that you feel in your chest. All day and into the morning.

    Fuck those people doing it. I wish they'd all fucking die.

  • yes. Ziggy is nearly deaf now though so he can't hear most of it. I did let him out last night and just as he was walking down the stairs a really big 1 boomed and he just turned around and walked back inside calmly. LOL. like he was calmly saying oh, yeah fuck this shit.

  • How hard did nukes sister work today? While you were crying no mas and trying to manipulate the board. How hard, to put those four beers in your hand?

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