• TBH I passed on the sponge baths I was only in for 4 days and for 2 of them I mostly just slept.

    I have been dealing with the big C for quite a few years now,not the first time I had the microwave thing but the planting of "chemo" beads was a new thing for me.I was told the side effects wouldnt be as bad as if they infused the chemo like last time. Thar was close to 40 weeks of hell.

    But hey it could be worse,my wife has kicked it's ass 4 times now but while I was in the hosp. she fell and broke her wrist so we are both kinda gimped up ATM.

    Worse thing right now is I cant puff,if I cough it hurts so I need to lay off for a week or so. I do have some great edibles tho and have consumed several "candies" the last couple days.So it's not all that bad.

  • I'm so sorry!

    40 weeks is a LONG time to be suffering. I hope it's not like that again for you. And your poor wife. So sorry, Spitbull.

  • Thx G, ya 40 weeks was almost too much... I ate peaches for the whole time and lost about 40lbs,peaches were one of the few things that tasted the same going down and coming back up.

    Hopefully my wife wont need any surgery,we find out next week after the temp cast comes off. She way tougher than I am,first she puts up with me and second she just doesnt get phased by much. When she was 28 she was told to get her affairs in order,35 years later she's still staring them in the eye and saying fuck that shit I aint going anywhere yet.

  • Thx Mike,I'm gonna be ok of that I have no doubt. I just finished assembling my chemistry set and have a few LB's of bud to make into shatter. As long as you have something to look forward to and set a few goals,it's amazing how that can help.

    Not so much brave more like too stubborn to pack it in.

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