Sooo guys from other countries....

  • did you read it or just look at the pretty pictures??

    Restricted simply means you can only have and use it with certain permits. Like you cant just walk around with a handgun. There are also transport consideration etc. Oh and storage is another thing.

  • Maybe,but I put family first and what the rest of the world does or want is of little concern.

    Does a selfish man buy his kid a house? I was willing to put off getting a new car so I could give my kid the money to buy a house because he needed that more than I needed a car.

    Oh and the majority of Canuks want the handguns gone but we realize that even banning them wont stop the flow of illegal guns. Of course I'm sure Gman has a different opinion on the subject.

  • The guns aren't the problem. The leftism is the problem.

    I get it guns dont shoot people,people shoot people.

    Hey the 2nd was a historic and ground breaking thing,if you guys want to have guns go for it. I know they can be fun and there was a time when I couldnt wait to get home to go out shooting,I was even on the school shooting team/gun club.

    Now I live in a rather large city,they changes the laws on gun ownership and I saw no need to jump through all the hoops to keep a few guns I could rarely use so I gave them to a friend who actually hunts still and has all the proper paper work.

    We dont have the right to bare's too fucking cold for short sleeves.

  • Spittingbull.... I read the article and I told you what it said and you acted like I didn't understand. 'restricted' can have all kinds of meanings but for the purpose of this thread I ASKED what the regulations in other countries were. You point to an article that says restricted.

    What are the regulations?

    And yes you are selfish. who cares if you buy your kid a house. You have little empathy for your fellow citizen who does indeed want less restrictions and you cheer when his hobby gets fucked cause you don't like guns.

    That is the very definition of selfish.


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)

  • You are saying that all the restrictions your government has put on you made it impossible for you to enjoy a hobby you once liked. and being a good little subject you said...."fine... I don't need em anyhow" does that about sum it up?


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)

  • spaz quit puttin words in my mouth,just because you think guns make up for your inadiquacies it has no bearing on my life.

    Most Canadians dont want handguns,thats why they are restricted and if you read the article you would see what that means. Rifles and shotguns are a different matter as they can serve a purpose where as handguns are only used to shoot people. Just because a few,and I mean a very few people think they need a gun{handgun} doesnt mean the rest of the country thinks it's ok. I hope they do ban handguns and I hope they give a 25 year jail term for any crime involving a gun!

    Look at the shoot stats,we have almost no accidental shooting,kids dont shoot kids here,ya usally it;s the fault of some stupid adult who left a gun laying about but we have rules to prevent that.

    So call me selfish all you want,I could say the same to you,why so selfish spaz,does it make you feel like a man when you go play John Wayne? Does your python keep you warm at night? does your massey davidson have to be so loud... So fuck off and quit pulling me into your shit,I dont care what you think,your an old pathetic man who has to do the look at me shit daily. I'd call you an asshole but asshole are useful!

    I simply showed you a link and you had to go apeshit over the fact that Canadians dont want handguns in our country,you guys want them fine have them. But dont give me some bullshit about stopping a tyrant,fuck you couldnt even defend you country.