Hell Let Loose.

  • https://www.hellletloose.com/

    New WW2 FPS featuring 50vs50 combat on rather large battlefields. Closed beta (you can buy in) for this weekend til Monday. Full release on June 6th.

    So far the experiences have been awesome! One map the Germans locked down a Trio of houses, set up MG42's, and just fucking mowed us down. It took all 50 of us to crack that nut.

    Last night I had a group of guys from my clan all on my squad. We worked together and basically carried the entire team. One group of 6 guys communicating, having clear goals, maintaining a clear line to the Commander bolstered our team and kept us from getting wiped. We still lost (they had several squads working together.) But god damn was it fun.

  • looks pretty cool.

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  • One of the roles you can pick on either team is the Commander. Basically you get to call in supply and support for the team. You also have direct in game comms with every squad lead on your team.

    I've been having a lot of fun playing as the commander and guiding the teams to victory. It's fun to tell a Squad to do something, and then actually seeing them do it!

  • Hell Let Loose just went live. It's "Early Access", but it's the most polished early access game I've ever seen. I've yet to come across a single bug.

    Anyway, I was just leading a squad and we were working to cap the final point. We got excited and started to ignore proper spacing. Que one artillery shell. BOOM! No squad no more. Took out 5 of us in one hit. It was so cool and terrifying at the same time.

  • I'll be buying this tomorrow morning, and be playing it all weekend. Looks great, vids look great, and that post ^^ is the sort of thing that I love about intelligently made games. Need a break from the Rift S /VR anyhow, my eyes are tired.