Those with high cholesterol. Question

  • I'm just gonna blame Rondar and all that shit he's spraying. And what the fuck is up with the Kansas spring burning? Do you fuckers burn everything you have?

    The other night, we're standing out, and just shit in the clouds. I smacked her on the head and said "do you see that?"

    Enough with the burning, assholes.


  • Down here it's the Mezkins burning their fields before planting. All come on the southerly winds to Texas. Smoke and Ozone action days. I call bullshit.

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    TWAT on 10/14/2019 :

    Lemme say that again... I don't care. If. The accusations against Trump. Are factual. Or not.

  • IIRC 1 of the components of AO is the same thing in roundup. That was mixed with an even more toxic herbicide.

  • The makers of Roundup recently lost a lawsuit, about Roundup causing Lymphoma. Wife reckons her Hodgkin's was caused by the years old herbicides that was in the barn when we bought the property--she simply paid the bags no mind whilst she was doing major work in there, disturbing them

  • There are many ways to naturally clean ones arteries.

    Fasting on fresh grapefruit and or pomegranate juice is one of them.

    You may get the shits pretty bad tho.


    Cardio is good.

  • while I hear ya not sure normal or common things work all that well if your situation is drug/poison induced?

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  • while I hear ya not sure normal or common things work all that well if your situation is drug/poison induced?

    You mean from statins..

    Cleaning the arteries and blood is the same.

    Everything he said is right.

    I'd add IP6.

    Blasts cholesterol and plaques.

    Taking diatomaceous earth internally, can clear plaques.

    Damage is a separate issue.

    I'd use beet juice, CBD, tumeric and astaxanthin for damage.

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