• Just seen your thread. I think that every one of the originals here want you to stay. It sucks to me that we lose one good one and keep three worthless spammers. But I understand.

    What is funny is that I got banned because I was being mean to those three that you can't stand... I still can't stand em I can't scroll past that fuckwad saints posts fast enough. I am about sick of the kung foo slut hero of the twin towers with the 'medical profession' too... All the other new women are cool tho.... hate to lose one over these board spammers. LOl... the bimbo even compared me to Kat like that was some kinda insult.

    They made a good one leave... wonder if they will get banned?

    I get it tho... .If you had to listen to their shit on another forum for a long time and then just as you get settled in here they are again.

    I can actually handle dryer bint and flailing clown... they are big boys and they will sink or swim.


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)

  • You were being dismissive and mean to all the new people until you decided some were cool. That's not why I banned you. Actually, I said timeout. I said vacation... because you pushed my buttons and pushed some more.

    All I wanted was for everyone to be given a chance. Not have people jump all over someone just because you personally don;t like music videos, or whatever, which is what was happening.

    my EXTREME frustration is that people are so fucking closed minded as to not even let things shake out first.

    I even said, give people shit if they deserve it. Reilly deserved it, Crystal and Saint did not. After it all got started , they fought back... but the did not come here and start any crap. You guys started every bit of that.

    My problem is not that specific people were being run out.... I don;t even know most of them. My problem was that the shit happening was affecting others too. People not involved. It affected me. I don't want to see it and I don't like it. I don't like the badgering and meanness for no reason.

    I asked as a friend for people to just chill a little bit until people actually get an idea of things. I guess you took that as a challenge to do more. It really angered me to think of how it all looked for others who don't fight and argue like that. It's a detriment to getting new people who are actually good and cool people. Like Sippy or Molly. I know them, They are my actual friends, and I know they don;t like that bullshit.

    I don't think any of you understood my position. I was not trying to protect anyone.

    Doran, you were mentioning Crystal and Saint left and right, even in threads where they were not even there. They didn't start anything. All they did was post some things.... like music videos, gifs, and typed stuff that you happened not to want to see here. So what?

    I also didn't like how you tried to act like you speak for the forum. New people don't know that you are just an asshole and not a moderator. They come from forums that are regulated and have moderators like you. I didn't want anyone thinking what you were saying was any kind of slant on how the forum is supposed to be. Like it or not, this forum is for everyone.

    It frustrates me that people can be so closed minded and so apposed to any kind of change. The new people were all lumped together as a group in the beginning. Just like I said, there were some great people that came over.... but you guys didn't give them a chance in the beginning. That made me frustrated and angry.

    Bottom line is that everyone got a shit reception and no breaks at the beginning.

  • Now we've have had a little time and have idea. It's the identical idea to the one we had at the very instant they arrived.

    Saint's only online to talk about other men's penises, while Crystal cheers him on.

    Crystal is here so everyone can adore her, or throw a fit when we don't.

    You should trust our judgement more.

  • I think gina equates 'trust our judgement more' to ... who made you a spokesman for the forum.

    And how is it fair that they ran off fossy? and most likely will run off a few more? How much chance do these morons need?

    If I treated everyone so horribly how is it that none left because of me but these few idiots that I pegged from day one have just ran off someone worthwhile?

    Bottom line... who cares if I pick on bubbles or taint? they fucking deserve it in the most obvious ways.


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)

  • That is the exact thing. When DL invited me I said I wouldn’t come if those two were here.

    One day in and taint starts his shit about how I blocked him here. We know that wasn’t true. But it illustrates what is true. We don’t get along. I’m no taint groupie and if that’s what it takes to get along, I never will be.

    DL and FD are good guys. Wish them the best.

    Cool. Ignore em and relax in my warm embrace.

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