the 9mm magnum.

  • Made you look.. admit it. But there are several 9mm (.356) semi auto rounds that 'magnumize' the 9mm round.. the 38 auto/38 super are older than the 9mm.. The steyr etc are all larger capacity.

    But for this discussion the 38 super... really is a 9mm magnum.. in that case length and capacity is really in ratio to say .... 38 spl/.357 magnum.. about the same.. maybe a tenth of an inch.

    You can buy factory 38 super loads of 125 grain that will run in the almost 1400 fps range. this is more .357 mag territory than 9mm territory.

    Handloads are reasonable in cost but factory is gonna cost twice what hot 9mm cost. Guns? no real difference in price for 1911 style guns in 38 super or 9mm.. and.. the Super will actually be more reliable.

    Is the Super a .357 sig? naa.. close tho.. and easier to load. is it a 9mm magnum? I would say yeah.. it increases velocity over the 9mm by a substantial amount just by more case capacity..


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