More win! Trump saves us

  • from another U2 album:buffalo…upted-moral-arc-universe/


    U2 frontman Bono unloaded on President Donald Trump in aRolling Stone interview published Wednesday, revealing that his Irish rock band’s new album will take on the “bully on the bully pulpit” because “silence is not an option.”

    In January, U2 founding guitarist The Edge revealed that “Songs of Experience,” the band’s follow-up to its platinum-selling 2014 album “Songs of Innocence,was delayed because of Trump’s election. Now Bono says “there’s a couple of reasons why we delayed Songs of Experience. One personal, one political.”

    “The world around us was certainly changing out of all recognition, we nearly lost the European Union, something that has helped keep the peace in our region for nearly 70 years,” Bono told Rolling Stone of the United Kingdom’s vote last year for independence from the European Union. “Globalization replaced with localization is somewhat understandable, but the return of hard right views is not to be tolerated. If Marie La Pen had been elected president of France, the whole idea of a European Union would have been vulnerable.”

    “You’ve had the same sort of disaffection in the United States with the rise of a new kind of constituency, people on the both left and right who have lost faith in political process, the body politic, in political institutions,” the Grammy-winner told the outlet. “These sentiments are easily played and manipulated by the likes of Donald Trump.”

  • If world peace were possible, wouldn't Bono have already found a way??

    A dangerous ambition more often lurks behind the specious mask of zeal for the rights of the people than under the forbidden appearance of zeal for the firmness and efficiency of government. History will teach us that the former has been found a much more certain road to the introduction of despotism than the latter.

  • Dear celebrities & sports affiliates.

    your antics used to take my mind off how retarded reality really is.

    But you appear intent on telling me what to think at every turn.

    Just to be clear, no one gives a fuck what you think. Sing yr songs, shake yr ass, play yr sport & do some pretending that you call art (aka acting)

    Just take yr millions & shut the fuck up.

    FFs hows about someone try to make an original film that is not comic book based, nor a sequel, prequel or animated shit?

    and while im ranting like a loon.

    How is it im not allowed to say the word nigger?

    13% of the population can use it with abandon. Put on some fucking hip hop shit and its nothing but nigger this and hoe that.

    What if I like said song? can I sing along? can I use the forbidden word then?



    what if Im part black? can I say nigger then?

    and exactly what percentage of nigger do I have to be in order to use the offending word without persecution?

    50/50? sure.

    But what if only one of my grandparents were black? Is that enough black to nigger myself silly?

    oh and while im fucking here,

    Can Rachel Dolezal say it cause she workshopped a fro on?

    I bet she swallowed enough penis to qualify if it was measured by the inch.

    Nigger please

    I am devastated. I dropped my super supreme pizza.

    Stop the hate! Support the cause! Black oLives Matter

  • KKK said one drop... I personally go with ugly and stupid... less makes you white.



    By FRANCES FRANK MARCUS, Special to the New York Times
    Published: July 6, 1983

    NEW ORLEANS, July 5— Gov. David C. Treen today signed legislation repealing a Louisiana statute that established a mathematical formula to determine if a person was black.

    The law establishing the formula, passed by state legislators in 1970, said that anyone having one thirty-second or less of ''Negro blood'' should not be designated as black by Louisiana state officials.

    The legislator who wrote the law repealing the formula, Lee Frazier, a 34-year-old Democrat representing a racially mixed district in New Orleans, said recently that he had done so because of national attention focused on the law by a highly publicized court case here.

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