• It's a documentary, the most recent one, from Dr Steve Greer, a noted UFO-ologist and very involved in SETI and the Disclosure project. It's about unacknowledged access programs, UAPs mostly, which are what the true shadow government has to classify and hide the technology they've created and received from...other sources.

    Recently a friend of mine caught something on the SOHO feeds from NASA - these are cams on sats we have in orbit near the sun, watching the sun for storms and monitoring it - NASA often is slow on the uptake. An obvious ship shape he caught and screen shot it and kept the film he was recording. Then, as usual, NASA has an "outage", the feed shuts down, and then when it comes back, there is a nice, and DELIBERATE, artifact/error from the "streaming" inserted right over top of the shape that was there before. NASA does this all the time, obvious poor attempts to hide shit like this that slips through, and obvious air brushing or just plain blotting out shit on the various monitoring instruments that feed to the public from space. This more than anything has me convinced something is going on - why try to hide things if there is "nothing but ice crystals and nonsense" happening. Way too many instances, like hundreds and thousands, where it can be proven NASA and other agencies are doing this. Oh ya, and the hundreds of whistleblowers who were things like fighter pilots, scientists, etc, who aren't just "UFO nuts", but true pros who have come forward. The civilian coroner and funeral home operator from 47 at Roswell has compelling and believable testimony on the books and video too - he's no liar, I'd bet my life on it.

    Also, when Greer did the first big disclosure thing on the net back in 2000 IRRC, the NSA jammed every T1 line (back when T1s were fast) that they used to broadcast the event live online, and that's been proven beyond any doubt by the records and whistle blowers from the NSA. Why jam it and try to shut it down, if there is nothing out there, and it's all a bunch of kooks? There have been several astronauts that have also said quite a bit.

    I have other reasons I believe there is something going on with this, from co workers in the past, nothing specific, just the looks I got and looks I caught when they would look at one another when this subject would come up. I also asked a Canadian astronaut point blank why they were ordered to lie, and specifically about times astronauts have accidentally grabbed the unencrypted comms and stated yammering about unidentified and alien craft in sight on the radio. Obviously he didn't give a straight answer, but again, the look I got, and the look I saw him exchange with another right after he thought I turned away - I trust my instincts.

    The truth will come out sooner than later, they've been drip feeding the public and an increasingly faster rate, trying to set up the whole "alien life will be OK" narrative. Even the Roman Catholic church has been in on this, adding it to their dogma and doing and saying a lot of strange shit lately from their own very well equipped observatories and space monitoring equipment.

    It's not just, or maybe at all, aliens IMO, we have some very advanced shit flying around out there, WAY too many video captures, and a good one recently from a camera crew from a TV station, of flying craft behaving far outside the limits of flight and physics as is currently accepted.

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