eCommerce platforms.

  • I'm looking for one to use and I'm wondering if anyone has experience in this area, if so do you have any recommendations?

    This is one place I've looked where they rank their top ten platforms.

    I want people to be able to order baits exactly how they want them. I'd like them to be able to not only choose a type of bait but also the color, but those choices can get complicated and the eCommerce platform needs to be able to handle all the options available.

    For example, the Mud Bug can have different colored claws and claw tips in addition to the main body of the bait being an additional color, or colors if the customer wants it laminated. Laminates can be two or even three colors and the process can be done either of two ways.

    First, with what's called a laminate plate, it's essentially an optional mold half that is blank. Instead of putting the two mold halves together, you put half the mold and the laminate plate together and shoot the mold with your plastisol. Wait for it to cool enough to remove the laminate plate, install the 2nd mold half and shoot your second color. This ends up with a very defined line between the two colors.

    The second way uses a twin injector (or triple) to shoot two colors simultaneously. This method is quicker but the distinction between the two colors is far less defined and can bleed through. That said, done properly it gives a far different look imo.

    Some molds will have laminate plates and some won't. (Depends on who cut the mold.)

    Customers will also be able to custom order glitters (size, color, type), pearl and highlight powders as well.

    Any eCommerce platform will probably do as long as customers can make custom orders involving all these options and more.

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