Why Are You Awake?

  • Went to bed early, FIRST night in forever I didn't wake up at 3 and stare at the ceiling for two hours. Was going PERfectly, then customer calls at 4:15.....They're dead in the water. Another day of yawning and drinking coffee non-stop

    If politicians only got paid according to their district's economic success, there would be no more Democrats.

  • Currently loading 250lf of 72x11 onto a flatbed anticipating my son so we can finish fabricking up a 1000fter and then start on the automation.

    We'll be done by 1000 today with this portion

  • tell them to try the key and forget the fob

    There's a fairly intricate computer/plc system that runs the place. They CAN run it on keys, not desirable to walk into a pod filled with murderers with a wad of keys in your hand

    If politicians only got paid according to their district's economic success, there would be no more Democrats.

  • Sleep? You guys still do that?

    Backyard Commandos INC, HMFIC

    I disagree but I respect your right to be stupid.

    Winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners.

    It's hard for liberals with mental disorders to think that other people don't also have the same mental disorders. - Danneskjold 2018

  • HOAs suck- imagine having that mother in law that hates you moving in. Plus I got hammered a few years ago and emailed the HOA Board, and since then they haven't liked me. I mean, I thought it was funny- it started out "Oh Hail, Royal Assholiness and Regents, I humbly bow before you and ask- nay, beg- your Royal Permission to replace the rotten old fence that has fallen before our harsh winter storm with a new fence, identical in position, height, and wood type as the fence it will replace. Your loyal servant, Mike. PS- As I have dogs I eagerly await your decision, as they miss having access to their yard.

    They emailed me back saying my request was pending, and it would take 45 days for the HOA to grant permission. The email was still up on my screen when I went to Home Depot for 2x4s and fence boards- posts were still good- and myself and some friends replaced it in one medium long day.

    They never said nothing, so fuck em. Now I do what I want, unless it might get me fined.

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