Danneskjold Forge

  • I'm going to place a plug here for Jeff.

    I've ordered two sets of steak knives, a food prep santoku design and a skinning knife.

    These are as good or better blades than you can find anywhere.

    If you find yourself needing a knife look no further.

    What the Fuck was that?

    Some guy Hiroshima, Japan August 6, 1945 08:15:47

    Some guy Nagasaki, Japan August 9, 1945 11:02:44

    Some guy Chernobyl, Ukraine SSR April 26, 1986 01:23:03

    Some guy Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant March 11, 2011 11:28:37

    Hillary Clinton, November 8, 2016 22:07:32

    Secret Service Agent attending Biden/Pope Francis meeting October 29, 2021

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