Chess Puzzle Improvement

  • After I came out of the hospital in October I continued my love affair with chess puzzles, namely Puzzle Rush. If you don't think running a 104.2 temperature has an effect on your brain you are mistaken. When I first started the puzzles I couldn't think through the easy ones. It was like I was thinking with mush.

    Then slowly I got a bit better and faster. In about 2 months I broke all three of my Puzzle rush records, 3 minute, 5 minute, and unlimited. Then last week I correctly solved 22 puzzles in 3 minutes. I was excited. I had been stuck on 20 and then 21 for what seemed like forever. I also improved the unlimited from 26 to 33. None of these got me into the top 50 but close. I think some of the GMs hit about 41 or 42 in 3 minutes. Amazing!

    I improved by one on the 5 minute puzzles, 24 to 25 I believe. The puzzles continuously get more difficult and therefore more time consuming.

  • I must have been in a zone, I solved 24 puzzles in 3 minutes. I almost went into shock. That was 2 better than my last improvement. I had time to solve one or two more but like I said, I was almost in shock.

    I thought, oh man, I'll be in the top 50. Nope! Didn't come all that close either. I would have needed to solve 28 puzzles in 3 minutes.

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