How many of you get good memories from this ?

  • Talk about good times in the 1990s - the Big Box/Big Manual era of gaming... possibly the Golden Age...

    Not my pic, but I owned all of these games except 668(I). I remember almost buying it multiple times, but there were always two games I wanted just a little bit more, and it turned into the game that got away. People raved about how hardcore it was at the time, but it was difficult to learn. Missing out on that one is one of my few gaming regrets (LOL).

    While not anywhere close realism wise as Airwarrior, Aces of the Pacific (and Aces over Europe, and Aces of the Deep for that matter) were just really fun sims to play offline. Janes F-15 was just incredible for the time - I spent a good year playing that game constantly, then I abandoned it for Falcon 4.0.

  • I used to have all the Jane's games. I also still have the first test and production model of the CH Jane's F-16 USB Combat Stick, which was the first USB stick CH was developing and testing at the time. I finally retired the Jane's stick a couple of years ago with my VKB Gunfighter III.

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  • All of them.

    The one that still made the biggest impact on me was Falcon (1.0). I bought my first flight stick for that. Of course, 3 was my favorite but 1.0 really opened up the genre to me.

    The game that made the biggest impact on-line, for me, was NASCAR. I don't think I've played another game where my adrenaline got flowing like the final two laps of a race. I can't imagine how real drivers do it.

  • That DOS one was considered really advanced back in that timeframe.... I used to play with it now & then, and even did some races with people in Europe over IHHD (and a UNIX shell account at a local university). This was back when the only option to get internet, was a unix terminal and usually you'd call someone's computer over phone lines with modems. Using IHHD made it possible to game around the world and not have to pay long distance charges. Amazing.

  • I had a pretty cool website when NT4.0 came out. It was called "Gaming under NT4.0". I was actually in a one paragraph story in PCMagazine back then. Ah... I don't even remotely miss those days. It is amazing how far we've come.

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