AOC patient zero

  • Trump’s DNA triggered a mutation in coronavirus.

    It all began when out of the goodness of his heart Trump visited a tavern to touch base with his supporters. In a jovial mood he did not realize what lurked in the dark.

    AOC was at the same tavern reminiscing and revisiting the good old days. Busy on her knees behind the counter unclogging pipes. She didn’t notice when the president walked in.

    POTUS flamboyant as ever spun around openhanded and address the media . Unknowingly shedding skin cell and spray tan. That’s when AOC recognized his voice and popped up.


    With her jaw locked open from shcock and possessing the vacuum power of a small black hole. She gasped and inhaled 30,000 orange skin cells an olive and four cigarette butts .

    Trump left shortly there after humming a song. But AOC decided to mingle. Her jaw still locked open from shcock.


    When AOC took her first drink . ( well not a drink the girl can’t get her lips together. I guess she leaned her head back and poured it down her throat)


    That was the fatal moment Trump’s RNA and the coronavirus intermingled .

    Fate always lends a hand in tragedy and it did that day as well. Because that very morning researchers discovered brain cells repelled COVID-19 .

    The mutation had found the perfect incubator !

    Completely oblivious of the afternoon events. (as usual) She poured the rest of the beer down her throat. Coughed up a cigarette butt and headed off to a meeting with the squad.

    In its ideal environment the mutation multiplied quickly . So when they met Nancy the first non host infected infected. Which was very bad for the world. For a moment there was a glimmer of hope as the virus battled with 4 Bloody Mary’s a fifth of vodka, 6 shots of JagerMeister and a 1/2 ounce of Flakka . But the combination of a normal blood alcohol level and three working brain cells was to great to overcome.

    BIt was clear the mutant virus and found another host.

    Viruses sometimes take on the name of their principles.

    This one was no different.


    * (orange) Spray tan

    The end result was the near extinction of Libkind.. Billions died as the mutation burned through Libkind targeting anyone with out a functioning brain. In Liberals it had found a target rich environment

    By the time it was over the earth was a paradise.

    The US turned a profit, everyone worked children became educated the sole Liberal survivor Elaine quit being angry and stopped deleting threads. And began baking cookies and shit.

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