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  • The User Interface (UI) is not intuitive. In some menus like the galaxy and system maps you can use the mouse to select objects. In others, like the 4 cockpit accessed "panels", you cannot use the mouse. You can use the keyboard for those. Q and E to select the tabs along the top of the panel and then WASD to navigate within the panel. Space to select an item, esc to leave the panel. Or, you can map those to your HOTAS. Feels very clunky at first but get used to it and it's quick.

  • I'd recommend mapping each main panel to one hat. Left to pull up the left panel. By default another press to the left goes back to the center view. Same for other directions. Then Keyboard to navigate within those panels. I use three hats but that takes acclimation. This is the first hurdle. There will be more but not of an interface nature.

    Video may still be processing high def, wait if you want to read the text.

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  • Elite is the grandaddy of computer space sims. I won't go so far as to say there wouldn't have been the dozens of others had it not hit the 8 bit machines in 1984 but it definitely inspired many of them. It continues to be developed and is unique in its class. If you need a satisfying time sink, it's there, beckoning.

  • I like Elite Dangerous and where they've gone with it, but it could definitely be a lot more intuitive and needs some storyline content to supplement the galaxy events. Still have a hard time getting past the Space Trucker Sim aspect.

    The other one though.. Star Citizen? Seems like an extreme grift of a space game..

  • I messes around a lot with Star Citizen when Arena Commander was first out, but nothing since.

    Hey Iron, how long of a time grind does it take in real time do you think to get a Fed Corvette like you're after?

    Like I said I'm going to jump into ED on the weekend, I've got my VR all set up for it, and have the Hotas grips and throttle I want to use already installed on my primary gaming system. Can't wait, should be fun.

  • Hard to say Gman. I only started playing recently after putting it away for 5 or 6 years. I don't know if the Federation Navy ranks get progressively harder like the main ranks (combat, trade, explore) do. There are some places like the CEOS and SOTHIS systems one jump from each other with lots of federation reputation awarded. You can do Data transfer missions both within and between the systems. Each will give you about 1% advancement. They require no cargo space and you can do 3-4 of them in 10-15 mins. The delivery missions give you more percentage. I can do a 196 unit transfer between systems in about 10 mins for 3-4% advancement. So I'm guessing about 4 hours per rank if they don't get progressively harder.


    I just did the Lt. Commander promotion mission and it was an easy data transfer between systems. The mission I got for Lieutenant was much harder. I traveled over 300 light years to land on a planet and buy 20 landmines. Those are illegal in most systems including the one I had to take them back to. The onlt really risky part is getting into the station to deliver them without getting scanned.

  • When you're doing these missions between systems you'll likely be messaged when entering the receiving system and offered a bonus for a quick delivery or a bonus for killing someone who will try to interdict you. If you get the latter you can expect an interdiction attempt. If the former you may still get an interdiction attempt but it's not as certain.

    When I was playing back in 2015, maybe 2016 too, you could target the enemy ships computer and once you got it's shields down make quicker work of that. They changed it but it is still advantageous to target a module specifically. I target the power plant. I used gimballed lasers. don't know how that works with fixed.

  • One problem with gimballed lasers is when the enemy deploys chaff. They won't lock on. You're wasting energy shooting then. The Python has 3 medium forward facing hardpoints. I use only two for lasers (gimballed) because they use so much energy. I'm going to switch the third to a fixed beam and fire that when I can't get a lock.

  • I did several black market runs when I first started playing several years ago, very profitable. The technique I used then to avoid the scan at the station was to go silent running and get into the station as quick as I could. I've read that now you can drop a heat sink if a scan starts and it negates that scan requiring the station to start another. I haven't tried it but I'm ready to the next time I have to make a smuggling run.

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    Gonna get the rank to get one over the next few days but my total assets are only about 600 million. I'm gonna need a billion to outfit it well before I buy one. Back to trading after I get the rank.

  • I just finished the last 25% going from Lt. Commander to Post Commander and it took about an hour so 4 hours per rank is pretty close. At least at this level. It may go faster at lower ranks and the next couple may go slower.

  • How'd you make most of your money Jeros?

    It varies really, my go-to thing to do is farming pirates at haz resource sites, but the game has changed a lot over the years, most of my income according to the in-game stats to have come from mining, void opals used to sell for 1.6 million a ton, and then Low Temp Diamonds were the big thing, could get like 800million plus from a cutter load.

    Wing missions, if you can get them done, can net up to 50 million a time.

  • Thanks for the info. Decided to sell my Type 9 and Clipper. The Corvette will make a better trader than the Type 9 and I'll put off mining until I can beef up the Corvette and focus on getting Combat Elite. Should be able to buy the Corvette tomorrow and outfit it as a defendable Trader.

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