aces high

  • i played the open beta in 1999. many times i had the arena to my self. very few played the game back then. i can remember hangtime giving me lessons. it was hard playing the game back then with a dial up from new zealand

    You must have played at off hours, because I played the beta from the 2nd day it opened, and that wasn't my impression at all. Citabria/Fester was the first guy I met that day and he started teaching me. There were hundreds in the arena from what I remember in the evening hours in North America. So many came over from Warbirds - I'd just done a review of WB2.xx on, and somebody there told me about Dale leaving and starting his own game company. Couple days later the AH 1 beta arena opened, and we( ended up interviewing Dale a week later after our entire office did nothing but play the AH beta for 5 biz days straight...HTC ended up advertising with us, and we wrote a large and positive article about AH1 as well.

    Dale was surprised at the response to our adds, he didn't understand how large our member base and traffic was then (40 mil hits/month, 1 million unique hosts/month, 250,000 registered forum users, etc). I remember Dale calling us and asking " big actually are you guys", after getting a massive response of new beta players after HTCs add went up on our site as the primary banner add.

    It was good times though, I'm sure we all agree to that in the early days.

  • Someone needs to explain to Lucid how it is that we all know each other

    You can identify an unknown force by firing one shot and judging the response.

    - If the unknowns respond with precise, regimented rifle fire, they are British.

    - If they respond with heavy machinegun fire, they are German.

    - If nothing happens for a few minutes, then your whole position gets leveled by artillery, they are American.

    - If they surrender, they're French.


  • I seen them live in concert.

    30 thousand fans lost their minds!!

    A mosh pit opened up !

    Are you talking about Iron Maiden?? If so, I'm jealous, one of the bands I always wanted to see live, and never did.

    Aces High is an online world war 2 flight/combat simulator Lucid (if you don't know that already, I don't want to be patronizing if you actually know), and it had a large number of players, tens of thousands at its peak, and was so busy it had to split its main arena into 2 due to lag (several hundred in each, and 500 to 600 on Tuesdays when the arenas were joined for one night). Anyhow, there was an active forum, and eventually a moderator came into action, and banned many of the members here, or at the very least censored all the topics we wanted to discuss amongst ourselves on the Aces High Forum. So, Nuke/Gina created this place, and many of us from Aces High migrated over here in order to have free speech. Something that we're fighting for in Canada, and the USA obviously as well, right now. Australia/NZ/list goes on. It is what makes this place special, freedom of speech. I wish GG would come back since she is responsible for creating this...

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