Age of Empires 4

  • Anyone else playing this? I picked it up on the xmas Steam Sale with a Steam gift card I got for xmas.

    Really good game. I missed the boat on the 1st one, but played the shit out of Age of Empires 2. I remember when PCXL magazine (best gaming magazine ever) gave it a 95 percent and featured throwing Kathy Griffin in a trebuchet into a wall in a pic/vid in their article. Hah, such good times, nobody would ever print anything like that today.

    Anyhow, AOE 4 is worth it especially if you can get it on sale, it was only a bit off the regular price, but all the reviews I watched on it sold me, and I have pretty much all the other current games/sims/modules I want.

  • Played the first one a long time ago, late 90's I think. Was pretty good. Will have to give this one a go.

    I played I and II and they were great, III kinda sucked, but I might check out IV.

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