Anyone reading books?

  • I admit that I read magazines a lot (gun ones) I use my Kindle to read fun books... Not reading much serious stuff these days but did start "Faster" Neil Bascomb

    Crazy automotive race book. A jew race driver banned in the 30's cause he was a jew. the frog race car the Delahaye.. the unstoppable german/nazi auto union.... anyway.... the jew and the frogs and an American Heiress kick Hitlers ass They say it reads like a Tarantino movie. I wouldn't go that far but it is spectacular.


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)

  • I have read at least that many but don't really count em as they are entertainment books... zombies or westerns or zombie westerns....


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)

  • Most of the westerns are around 300 pages and the zombie ones about the same.... but they can run 400 or more. Plus.... they are almost always 'series' Each story tends to be a story of it's own but.... Just caught up on Longmire books too.


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)

  • I just read that the average adult book length is now 400 pages, up from 320. Almost everything I read now is on my Kindle. I use the % of book read as the "page number". I judge how long the book is by how long it takes me to get to about 5%.

  • I much prefer thicker books or series. You invest time becoming acquainted with characters. That's kinda like overhead in some cases. More story and less overhead is more better.

    The Wheel of Time series is 14 books each averaging 826 pages. That's a lot of story telling.

    4 million words.

  • still reading a lot

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  • I read a lot on my Kindle. Currently I'm on the second book of the Stormlight Archives, Words of Radiance.

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  • Watching The Wheel of Time I told my wife I don't remember the details clearly except that all the people were white. ;)

    They weren't. Pretty much everyone in the two rivers were white, and looked decently similar. Except for Rand, who stuck out like a sore thumb.

    But the moment they left the emand's fields they started to come across other races and cultures pretty quickly. It's why the drive to "diversify" the starting town only dilutes the experiences of the main characters as they learn about the world. I.E. If every third person in Emand's Fields is black, it's not a big deal when they come across the almost jet black sea folk on their ships.

    I just read "The Race of Aces," about the air force pilots in the pacific who were challenged by Rickenbacker to beat his score. And how that race both built up the spirit of the groups of men who almost had nothing in the jungles, and how it drove many of them crazy in order to beat the score, and each other's scores.

    Pretty good book.

  • I was joking. There was very little depiction of race in the series.

  • This guy gives a pretty good description.

    "The character descriptions at generally include any physical descriptions at the top. Most characters seem to be white, though Domani have "copper"-colored skin and Saldaeans "tilted eyes", and some Tairens and the Sea Folk are brown-skinned, while some Seanchan, like Tuon, are black. Within the white population, Andor apparently has a number of blonds, many Taraboners have dark blond hair and brown eyes, the Cairhienin are short, with dark hair and eyes, and the Aiel have red hair and light eyes. There's probably more that I've forgotten.

    As for the Forsaken, many are fairly ambiguous racially; Semirhage is clearly black, Graendal and Sammael white (as are Moridin and Cyndane), Lanfear was pale but I'm not sure whether in the European or Asian sense... the rest are probably white, but there's wiggle room."…aracter-descriptionraces/

    The unsaid part of my joke is that unless a character's race/description states explicitly otherwise I imagine them to be white.

  • Ok... vietnam war readers? SOG books are best for me. my personality does not do well with normal military rules.. on the same vein... for civil war buffs.. any books on the southern raiders are good. The one one bloody Bill Anderson being a good one. In every war their were those who did not fit in. I can identify with that. If someone above me is stupid as fuck? Fuck him.


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)

  • One thing I find annoying in a book is when the author takes shortcuts in character development by "borrowing" actor/characters from the screen. Not the actual character necessarily but close enough so it's a premade character. Too much of that and I stop reading. Some movies do that too.

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