Wisconsin Group finds 44k Voted Without ID

  • I haven't confirmed it from any other source.

    According to the Wisconsin election probe, the number of residents who voted without identification more than doubled the state’s margin of victory.

    More than 100,000 votes for Joe Biden wound up dropping in the middle of the night on Election Night 2020 – and there has yet to have been a solid rationalization delivered by officials for how or why that occurred.

    OANN’s Christina Bobb, who has been monitoring the vote audit in Wisconsin extensively, took to Twitter on October 22nd with the following:

    “Wisconsin audit findings: 44,272 individuals voted without proof of ID. The margin of victory in on 20,000.”

    Wisconsin Election Group Finds Over 44K People Voted Without ID In 2020 Election (redvoicemedia.com)

  • Wisconsin ALSO had something like 89% turnout


    Kimberley Strassel

    1) I am legitimately interested/confused by this. I checked, and the top number is indeed Wisconsin's active registered voter number as of Nov. 1. The bottom is approx. what has been counted. That is a (not feasible) 89% turnout.

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    2) The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is claiming a 71% state turnout. I'm not sure where it gets this, but that would make more sense, given even populous Milwaukee didn't exceed 83% turnout, and Dane lower. (Do math on what rest of state wud need to bump up state avg to 89)

    3) True, Wisconsin has same day voter registration. But to be at 71%, WI would have yesterday needed 900k same-day registrations. ( If I'm doing my math wrong--please tell me. 3,288,771 divided by 4,588,771 equals 71% . 4,588,771 minus 3,684,726 =900k)

    4) Is that possible/conceivable? That would be akin to increasing WI's registered voting population by up to 30%--in one day. It would also suggest that if those same-day registrations hadn't happened, WI would have had a ridiculously LOW turnout.

    5) I suppose it is possible WI's turnout was higher than 71% (again, not sure where MJS gets that). But that would be wild, given the state's own history and what we saw elsewhere yesterday. An even an 80% turnout would still require HUGE same-day registration.

    6)Surely a record/tally of those same-day registrations must exist. It would therefore seem a straightforward proposition to set the numbers/record straight?

    Again, explain if I'm missing something. @WI_Elections

    7) So, more. I compared some vote totals to voter registration--by county. Nearly every county i've looked at so far--left and right--registered turnout of 89% or higher. (several at 93%) I suppose its possible--but still seems extraordinary.

    8) I think high voter turnout is great, and if WI truly did this, wow. I only question it because it is so strikingly at odds with any other state.

    9)One thing that makes more sense is if MSP number of 71% if referring to voting-eligible population (rather than registered voters). But still, wow--89% turnout of registered voters....

  • At this point over 50% of Americans believe there was enough election fraud to change the outcome. Another 24% feel there was massive voter fraud.

    Something like 75% of the American voters have been told to shut the fuck up about it.


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)

  • I watched a live broadcast on RSBN just a few minutes ago. It was the, I believe, the Racine County police in Wisconsin giving an update about election fraud occurring at one nursing home. Normally the nursing home has 0-3 voters but in 2020 they had 48.

    A complaint came when a woman noticed her mother voted in the 2020 election but she died in October 2020 and was in mental decline. She couldn't even tell you what she had for breakfast.

    The police found that the Wisconsin Election Board had illegally suspended legislative law and ordered clerks to ignore the law that a Special Election Deputies, one democrat and one republican, must be present when canvassing a nursing home. They said it was because of the covid virus and because the state was shut down by the Governor. Which right in the law it says no laws are to be suspended because of emergency. However, even after the state was opened they continued to advise clerks to ignore the law. Even the Governor had said that was against the law.

    As I've said this fraud could not have happened if the Republicans weren't complicit. In this case the WEC has 3 republicans and 3 democrats. At least 5 board members voted to ignore the law and sent out a memo to the clerks.

    In the nursing homes the staff was instructed to present the ballots to the patients. If the patients were incoherent, they were instructed to try to get the patients to point. Some ballots were pre-filled.

    A couple were so stupid as to admit they knew the law and broke it anyway. They have it on video. Two board members were attorneys.

    The board members said they had no access to the nursing homes. This was easily disproven. Records showed that elevator repairmen, fish tank cleaners, laundry trucks, and even interviewers all visited the facility during this period.

    In closing they said that's just one nursing home and there are hundreds in Wisconsin.

    The Sheriff said these are criminal infractions. Now what? It's up to the prosecutors. Hopefully they don't work for Soros.

  • fake news

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