Tv shows I find and watch

  • I'm not a TV person but I've taken to watching TV for maybe 30 minutes to an hour or so before I go to bed.

    I have no idea what's on at whatever time I just turn the TV on and find something and just watch it. Some of the shows that I enjoy, and therefore are good shows that all of you should enjoy

    Up on the menu tonight is Bar Rescue. Jon Taffer is rimming a bar owner a new asshole and the guy is fighting back like a fucking banshee. This guy is a fucking numbnuts of a bar owner and a belligerent fool. I love it!

    I love The Closer. Thar chief lady is a great actor.

    By contrast, the spin-off major crimes is the duckung worst. That chief lady is the FUCKING worst. A blank expression on her stupid face and she never says anything. No emotion no expression. I have no idea what they're thinking putting that lady on that show.

    The good wife. Love it. The brunette lawyer lady is so pretty and alluring. I love her.

    Anyway, right now I'm watching Bar Rescue and I enjoy that. That Jon Taffer is one ugly dude, but boy is he an interesting character.

  • Rimming an asshole and reaming an asshole are two entirely separate things...

    99% of those reality shows are 100% fake. Kinda detracts from em. I liked Pawn stars just because they put a value on things.


    That's why I can't stand to watch Forged in Fire. I *know* the contestants are set up to fail. And I can't do anything to save them from behind the TV screen.

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