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  • I have a norton system stone.likely the same as yours but I also have a few real old stones that I picked up over the years. I use the norton for kitchen knives but for my carving stuff and plane blades I use the old stones and plenty of oil. I think one is an arkansas [sp] stone and the honing stone is some white almost marble stone. Then I have a good leather strope to takes the wire edge off and makes it shaving sharp.

    I would like a lanskey diamond in extra fine though!

  • MF, I'm going to post a knife thread in the Guns section tonight or tomorrow, do a review of some of the knives in my collection (it's over 500 now), as well as some of the stones/sharpeners I'm currently using. I'm an amateur at best so far as stones/sharpening goes, but it's a fun pastime learning to improve technique and so forth. I have the full Spyderco stone set, and a few others, probably the same Norton you guys both have. I'm mainly using a small home belt sharpener right now, and use the stones for either very badly blunted edges, or very accurate touch up jobs.

    Anyhow, I want to do some vids of the 7 or 8 knives Dannes has sent me specifically, as well as some of the folders and pocket knives I collect (small fixed blades are what I have the most of so far as knives new to me in the last year or so). I try and buy a new knife every week, plus I get tons for gifts, makes me easy to shop for so far as xmas/bdays/etc goes.

  • Great topic... yes..move to guns! Ok... I use the Zwilling knife sharpener... fixed angle fine and coarse for my kitchen knives and have given away 6 or so to family and friends .. A couple of passes and a kitchen knife is beyond sharp.

    For stones. I have a few Norton orange small shaped stones that are really good. I actually use em to sharpen box cutter blades... don't laugh.... it is faster than changing blades and every bit as sharp.

    Soooo.. not a lot of knives. 20 or so? 50 maybe? people will give me a knife. it will be beyond dull.. looks like they used the curb to sharpen it.

    For getting it into a good angle and removing metal.... I use a diamond sharpener.. it is 400 grit on one side and 600 on the other. it will actually sharpen a bad knife good enough... but.. I have two Arkansas hard stones. one is 'soft' and the other hard. they are small and easy to use.

    One thing I do that most do not is I run the stone on the blade not the blade on the stone.. if that makes sense. I just feel it gives me more control especially with the small stones. The fixed kitchen knife sharpeners are actually really good. Two or three passes on a not damaged blade are good to go for cutting meat.

    Serrated edges... not kitchen... you know.. the folders with half the blade serrated?

    Smiths abrasives actually makes a compact (less than 3") pocket sharpener that has course and fine pull throughs and a flip out 'file' for serrations... In the wild... you will find the serrations are great but dull quickly.. .this will restore them $10 Invaluable in my opinion... the best? LOL hardly but the one you can have with you.............…%2Caps%2C256&sr=8-25&th=1


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

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  • The lazer knives... at this point 4 of those I care about have em. being high carbon steel with a good angle on the edge? the pull through sharpeners I give out are perfect. I simply can't keep em around. I have two kitchen knives now that he made. I should have six but.. you know. For someone who does not cook.... LOL.... I think my idea for a paring knife is the best ever! I think he is selling quite a few!

    The best.... to me..... is the one I asked for that is 5.5"... I believe that is an all around knife! it will carve a turkey or cut up onions like a cleaver or defend your life! That is my honest opinion. My Arkansas toothpick he made for me is a beast! Everyone at my superspreader event was impressed! A frontier combat knife I guess.. Scottish dirk heritage. Apparently he is selling some more or less like it. Well balanced.. double edged and wicked. Better than a Bowie in my opinion.

    Next... for all of us who can use a cane without affectation..... The cold steel sword cane. For $150 you get something FAR beyond what you expect. 24" long sword in a cane.. razor sharp... 1/4" thick blade that will cut through the bamboo shit you see the samarri swords cut through

    Simply a nasty piece of work.


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)

  • I've got a gatco edgemate system. Works great, but I make my knives in batches, 3-5 knives at a time, so it would take forever to do them that way.

    I've also got a generic 2 sided dual stone system off of Amazon. It works great, but again, I don't have time to hand sharpen them one at a time.

    So I use my bench grinder. I put the first edge on at 150 grit, but this edge is a guide for surface grinding so I can get even flats on the bevels and a straight edge down the whole thing. Later, after the knife is handled and finished, I hit it with 320 and / or 400 grit belt. Then I hit it with a polishing wheel and green polishing compound. Lastly I use a stropping belt.

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