My purse was stolen from my car

  • Elphie.... is that why she looked so pained in the pic you showed me?


    No. The "rape" happened a couple hours after I landed in Sacramento but it does make me wonder if it has happened before, I'd bet dollars to donuts it has.

    Sounds like they were fucking in the bathroom and then all of a sudden he decided to shove it in her ass (said something about putting it in her ass) and that's when she started screaming. He yells at her and says "shut up bitch" while she's screaming, then says "no, no, no" like she is trying to get away and then she starts yelling "let me go!" Shortly after he said "no, no, no" she called him a motherfucker (her favorite swear word) and right at the end she screams "MOTHERFUCKER!!!!". Then he tells her get the soap and she told him to shut the fuck up. I think she got the soap anyway and a minute or so later they are fucking again.

    I heard all that and I was sitting here like....what the fuck...but, it was her choice to put herself out there like that so I don't feel an ounce of compassion for her.

    She's not a happy person, low self esteem and refuses to take responsibility for anything she's done. No matter what happens, it's ALWAYS someone else's fault. She tried to tell me the cheating was my fault because I didn't want her. I told her the cheating was HER choice and not mine.

    Golfer told me, she doesn't hate you, she hates herself and I bet he was right.

    Last night I went for a walk and when I got back, I grabbed the voice recorder from the car and found out she fucked some guy in the back seat while I was out walking. Right there in the driveway where all the neighbors and anyone walking by could see. No shame I guess.

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