Cold Waters on sale

  • If any of you Yay-hoos don't have Cold Waters as of yet (Cold war + tons of great Mods Sub/Naval war game similar to Red Storm Rising of C64/Microprose fame), it's on sale right now for $10.99 CAD, which should be about 6 cents USD of STEAM.

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  • Absolutely -

    Great one to start with is the 2004 Nato/Russia Campaign, it's 139mb. It features the newer Virginia class among others like the Ohio cruise missile boats like USS Florida, and many other subs. USS Florida/etc gives you the Rum 139 anti sub missile, and that weapon is good clean Christian fun any way you slice it. That and the 7 round TASM anti ship Tomahawks x 22 VLS, so you can take on HUGE fleets of commie/Boroda fleets and flood their defensive BS weapons with many types and large numbers of missiles. The Brit subs available in the mod(s) have that Spearfish torp, which moves along a LOT faster than the already fast MK48 ADCAPs, and so forth.

    The NATO and Russian/Sov diesel electric subs are playable as well, and trade virtual silence for speeds you can outrun on your bicycle. Anyhow, you get the drift, very diverse and interesting game, and if it's held the attention of a very experienced 20+ year USN sonar man from both SSNs and SSBNs, who still works as a designer/evaluator for the very latest sonar systems, classified and otherwise, it must be a pretty good MOD/game.

    The most popular mod is the one I posted the YT video of from Sub Brief/Aaron/whatever his channel is named, it's just called the "Epic Mod". Very realistic/difficult, I'd advise turning the difficulty level down in the game settings at first (not even sure if this makes it much easier). It adds great features like deployable and retracting towed arrays which are very functional, and a pile of other stuff. The Soviet/Russian subs are interesting to play as well, especially with their huge 650mm wake homing long range torps, and those cruise missiles the size of Greyhound busses that the Oscar class carries, etc, etc and a lot more etc.

    Watch some of Sub Brief's gaming streams on both YT and Twitch, I've learned a lot both about the game and r/l sonar/navy ops from him, VERY cool beans IMO.

  • It's been so long since I played Red Storm Rising I don't remember the differences but RSR seemed to have a lot more tension and control over the tactical. Likely just somewhat jaded now after decades of other naval sims.

    Or, I just haven't played CW enough and maybe I'm not playing at the hardest level.

  • Try the "Epic Mod" Iron after you play the 2004 mod for a bit. The Epic Mod is insane in terms of difficulty, on the easy mode (again, I'm not sure if the in game difficulty slider even works with the mod), I survive perhaps 1 engagement in 2 right now. That difficult, and it's a wild ride the missions I do survive right now.

    Again, watch some of the Sub Brief channel guy's videos of him playing the Epic Mod. It'll give you both an idea of the new systems and controls (towed array etc) and how to employ them, as well as a very good idea of just how difficult mod makes the game.

  • Yes, a ton more, pretty cool huh? I've had missions on there where I've killed 11 ships/sups, and still a bunch either got away out of range of my remaining weapons (torps), or just had swarmed me with enough ASW weapons that I had to disengage.

    Set your difficulty to normal, and play some more missions if you can, and let me know what happens, it's interesting to get another gamer who is a good player's perspective.

    Are you employing the towed array and some of the other new options/commands that the Epic Mod has created?

    edit - have you played on the Russian side and tried out the Skvhal, that rocket hydrohypercavitating torpedo? I got a hit vs a slow moving close range merchant ship with one once (it doesn't have any homing system, it's a point and shoot straight running weapon).

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