You binge drink because of trigger in your brain, say scientists

  • The brake — which balances the pros and cons of food, booze, sex and drugs — fails in heavy drinkers.

    The discovery opens the door to new therapies to treat problem drinkers, with half said to be genetically prone.

    In tests, experts found a third of rats continued drinking after getting an electric shock.

    But their ability to refrain was restored by turning off a small group of neurons in the brain.

    Professor Markus Heilig, study leader at Linkoping University in Sweden, said: “They are the difference between being able to put the brakes on and not being able to stop yourself.”

    The switch is a substance called PKC found in the ­amygdala, an area of grey matter linked to reward.

    The PKC ­protein fuelled drinking in susceptible rodents despite negative consequences — a phenomenon called compulsive use.

    Interesting indeed!!…e-drinking-trigger-brain/

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