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  • I've been thinking it over for a bit, since last night.

    I watched a video about what what makes a computer a good video editor. Seems it's several things (we knew that), CPU, GPU, Ram, Motherboard, and some other stuff.

    What stuck in my head is he mentioned CPU several times and at different parts of the video. In fact when choosing between the top of the line GPU and CPU, go with the CPU and use a moderate GPU.

    So that's what I'm going to do, slowly. I start a new job next week so I'll be saving up some bucks for this venture.

  • I don't know your budget or the type of video editing you will be doing but good bang for the buck in a CPU would be a Ryzen 7 5800x, for about $400. That may be overkill for video editing though. You can get a Ryzen 7 3700X for less than $300.

    I'm thinking of replacing my Ryzen 7 3700X with a Ryzen 7 5800X.

  • The following assumes your app isn't performing to your standards. For DCS (and other apps) you can get an idea of where the bottleneck is by comparing your CPU and GPU util. If the CPU is high and GPU is low then the CPU is the bottleneck and vice versa.

    I'm running DCS at 2560x1440 with settings mostly maxed out and am happy with the performance. This was while running the Syria terrain with several aircraft flying.

  • Depending on what you're looking for with a "new" build, looking for good used deals can be useful even for upgrading.

    I have several systems going, a 5950x cpu is in my main gaming rig (ie mine, not the kidlets or missus when they're here at my pops place), and a couple 10900ks which are waiting for the new Alder lake intel platform to be released shortly.

    My 9900k, 10900k, and 5950k are VERY close to one another in almost every game, in terms of FPS (using a 3090 as per Tom's excellent test graph here). Remember that this graph is a snapshot of the overall performance of recent CPUs, which includes a lot of desktop type apps, and fewer gaming FPS averages included. In my case, I don't care so much about tests where you watch a little gizmo spinning on your desktop which determines performance for these types of desktop apps' performance. I care about gaming performance.

    My point is, if you have an older platform right now, and gaming is your primary focus and use for you PC, you can find some crazy good deals on say 9900k or even 10900k right now - guys selling off their older stuff as they upgrade. Up here on the common used forums I peruse, I've seen motherboard/cpu/ram packages being sold off VERY inexpensively, like a few hundred bucks CAD for the MB and CPU. IE you can find a pretty cheap upgrade that'll put you right near the top for gaming FPS performance right now.

    Vids like these are all over Youtube, and you can see that in gaming performance that the quite old now 9900k platform gives very good and close performance compared to the much newer AMD/Intel platforms - ie you could find a very inexpensive used upgrade out there if you want to save a lot of $ and still have great performance in newer games.

    That said, the 5900x AMD cpu is fantastic, if you just want to jump into "new" right now. IMO though I'd wait and see on the new Alder lake 12900k if you are going to upgrade to a new platform, as it'll be out shortly (I'm buying 2 platforms of these as I said), and it may have a better $/fps capability.

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