Email Spam

  • So, Cable One sold to Sparklight a while back. Several months ago they decided to discontinue including email accounts with their Internet service. While you can no longer create new email accounts the ones you already have remain functional. Eventually they will terminate those. Within the last month I have started getting 30-40 spam message per day to that account. I can't account for it which makes me suspect they have dropped any anti-spam efforts for those addresses. I'm not ready to give up the account yet. I've been using a address for many years.

    So, did a little research and am trying the free version of "mailwasher". It's great so far. You set it up to access whatever email accounts you want and it pulls them just like any other email client. It uses some of the popular lists to automatically mark spam but is also very easy to mark either way what you want. You can launch your desired email client from mail washer, I just switched from emclient to Windows mail, and the spam is already taken care of.

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