That time I talked to the Steroid using muscle head about chicken

  • Quiet afternoon at my favorite waterhole... hardly nobody there, I'm sipping an ice cold beer and I am baked.

    This guy comes in- obviously a bodybuilder- and he takes a stool a couple seats away, we nod, and we start shooting the shit about sports, weather, boating- and somehow the conversation goes to nutrition, and he says the only meat protein he eats is chicken... Cool, no biggie, but every time he says chicken his head bobs forward like he's almost sneezing, and he looked like- a chicken. Now admittedly I was baked- but even had I been straight it would have looked funny, so I kinda stifled a laugh the first time he said chicken. But the second time he said chicken I almost blew a snot bubble. This caused the chicken guy to look at me critically which made him look even more like a chicken and I fucking lost it- I could not help but ROTFLMAO, even if he was going to kick my ass.

    He was cool- I explained I was really stoned, so we quit talking about chicken but every time I see a chicken bobbing its head around I think of that guy.