Ok.. why I could not resist Janice.

  • Silly women. That's why I get a great one. She doesn't know how fine she really is.

    You've proven yourself to her- through thick and thin. That's like us- we stand together, either in a mansion or pushing a grocery cart and no matter what we'll be together... and I think you're like the same way. Sure, she could find guys a lot better looking than you, that make more money than you and likes doing oral, you know- guys that dress better than you, and are nice people who other people like- but she knows that no matter what you'll make the nest. You'll gather the twigs, find the feathers- and she'll always have a soft place to land.

    She's lucky.

  • Some truth to that. I take care of business. It help she looks in the mirror and sees plain.

    I look at the entire package and see yumm. You would too.

    Additionally she isn't plain.

  • Yeah.. no way she could fit in those pants now but she is still extremely attractive to me


    Every time I say something that might make Steph slap me I immediately apologize and say "I'm sorry, I was reading a lazs post." It gets me off the hook.