Scottish independence eeks closer

  • So there has been a split in the SNP, the former leader, after some mud slinging, Has left to form his own pro-indepenance party ALBA.

    On the surface this looks bad.

    However he has announced the goal of achieving a pro independence supermajority in the Scottish parliament, his party, and his former.

    Meaning those who are perhaps not so pleased with the current Scottish government and its leader but are still pro independence have a place to vote.


  • Well you can’t live in the past..

    Backyard Commandos INC, HMFIC

    I disagree but I respect your right to be stupid.

    Winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners.

    It's hard for liberals with mental disorders to think that other people don't also have the same mental disorders. - Danneskjold 2018

  • So you'll be ruled from Brussels instead of London

    The Brussels level of control is overstated.

    The fact that the UK chose to codify existing EU law into UK law during Brexit AND THEN ADD ON TOP of it shows that.

    Westminster are trying to make it so that you can go to prison for 10 years for protesting if you are causing a "nuisance".

    Holding a placard at the side of the road about not being happy about income tax or whatever and boom, off to the gulag with you.

    This all in the wake of a kidnap and murder of a woman walking home by an armed police officer who was already under investigation for another crime but was still serving. People protested and the goverment said it broker COVID rules and are now trying to pass the protest prevention laws.

    Even the EU at its worst would not do that, it would be geopolitical suicide.

  • Sounds like a great place to live.

    My proudest moment-


    You have no need to continue to prove you have nothing of any merit to post on this board. You may desist and be content to know that all reading the AH bbs know how little you could possibly offer to anything."


  • I didn't need to know any more after all members of the EU (London, for instance) had to follow mandate that said how much power their VACUUM CLEANER can have. Shit like that is what happens when libs run your life. They never give up, and they absolutely will not stop.

  • How bout? being truly independent and controlling your own destiny like my grandpa and grandma did when the left Scotland and Ireland in 1900?


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)

  • Sounds like a great place to live.

    Considering there is far more applications from Americans to live here than we could possibly ever allow I would say so.

    Whole we are of course seeing a lot of middle Eastern and Eastern European immigration, In fact we are pretty swamped from people all over the western world over the last ten years or so.

    I mean come on, I dunno if it's that great.

    "Hey we are from Florida, we are 60 years old and staunch conservatives, but I wear Hawaiian shirts and flip flops in impropriate weather so I guess I'm left wing enough for you guys huh?"

    Do they have a stereotype test on entering this county good lord.

  • Seems odd that there are so many from America going to Scotland since the total for Americans moving to the entire UK is less than 197,000 that is total not a year. I think the number for one year latest data is like a couple hundred. out of 350 million.


    "Don't let it end like this. Tell them I said something."

    Pancho Villa, last words (1877 - 1923)

  • bullshit

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